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Rope Barriers


A rope barrier system is ideal for a plethora of uses, from crowd control and social distancing measures to stylish departmental demarcations in hotels, bars and VIP areas. Here at Displaysense, we offer a wide range of pole and rope barriers in a variety of colours and metallic finishes, enabling you to create your desired aesthetic while creating plenty of practical options for layout. Choose from a selection of rope barrier colours in a twisted rope style. Complete your rope barrier set with our classic chrome barrier posts, matching wall plates and a barrier sign holder. For a more flexible method of crowd control, try our range of retractable queuing barriers or if you’re looking for more queue control barriers browse our tensa barrier options.

Rope Barriers

Guide your customers in style with our excellent selection of rope barriers. Your establishment will become a whole lot more streamlined with these in and around your store, helping customers find their way around effectively.

Our poles are constructed from durable steel and include a weighted base to prevent the item from toppling. Our twisted rope is reliable and is made to last. This comes with chrome-plated snap ends that effortlessly attach to the post. Our barriers are designed to be strong and elegant additions to your business. Not only do our rope barriers function brilliantly but they also look excellent too.

Whether you need a rope, post, or both, we have you covered. We have black and red rope barrier options so you can pick a colour that best fits your business's style. In terms of poles, we have chrome designs that give you a professional look and allow you to easily attach your rope. There are even options to have a header that allows you to inform or promote to customers.

The placement of your rope queue barriers is your decision as a business owner. It's essential to ensure that the queue doesn't impede other pedestrians or customers and that the barriers are in the most appropriate location for your store layout. If you intend to have customers queue outside, it's important to factor in potential weather conditions and how you can provide the best experience for them. Barrier ropes are a popular addition to nightclubs, red carpets, and VIP entrances as they provide more grandeur than a regular barrier.

A queue rope barrier is an effective and attractive method of directing customers whilst they are in certain parts of your store. It can also be used to prevent access to a certain area which is incredibly useful. Lightweight yet strong, a rope barrier can be easily moved when necessary and are incredibly durable.

Our rope barrier posts are designed to be strong, and efficient, and create a professional atmosphere, offering you an elegant and practical solution for directing your customers. Additionally, you can use them to inform both customers and passers-by, which can add to the visual appeal of your business. By preventing customers from accessing unauthorised areas and guiding them to appropriate locations, you can enhance the flow and coherence of your store.

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