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Ballot & Suggestion Boxes

Discover our versatile selection of ballot and suggestion boxes, perfect for various settings and purposes. Whether you're organising an event, seeking employee feedback, or engaging the community, we have the ideal solution for you. Our clear acrylic ballot boxes are excellent for exhibitions and promotional events, allowing participants to visibly see contributions and encourage more engagement. For discreet workplace feedback, our opaque, wall-mounted options provide anonymity. Large clear boxes serve as efficient token drop boxes in public spaces for community voting on causes and initiatives. Explore our range and find the perfect suggestions box tailored to your unique needs, promoting participation and effective communication. For alternative point-of-sale supplies, check out our sign holders and leaflet holders.

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Ballot & Suggestion Boxes

Ballot & Suggestion Boxes

If you’re looking to connect with new like-minded people, receive feedback on your service, or conduct a poll, a ballot box is perfect. We have a lovely selection of ballot boxes to help you collect votes, reviews, or business cards.

A ballot box is a professional way of retrieving votes or information from customers, colleagues, or the general public, a feedback box is an extremely useful tool. With a range of options to choose from, you’ll be able to find one to fit your style.

Choosing a lockable suggestion box is a necessity if you’re collecting money or votes in an important poll. Having this security can prevent items from being stolen, giving you peace of mind. With both acrylic and wooden options, two keys are provided.

Whilst they do work brilliantly as a feedback box or for polls, ballot boxes can also be a great way of collecting money. Whether it’s for a charity or to save up for an event, you can use the insert slot to clearly state what the money’s going towards.

The effectiveness of a comment suggestion box varies. While they can encourage employee engagement and offer a platform for ideas, success hinges on company culture and action taken. Meaningful responses foster trust, but neglected suggestions breed cynicism. Regular feedback loops and transparent implementation enhance their impact, turning suggestion boxes into valuable tools for innovation and collaboration. If done right, a ballot box can be an incredibly useful tool to gain donations or information.

We stock a superb and vast range of feedback boxes that are designed to meet a range of different needs. Our clear acrylic ballot box selection is superb, from insert options to show off your brand or what the poll is to large floor-standing boxes. We also have wooden, white, and black boxes that all look excellent and can work in any environment. If you want your votes or inputted items protected, a lockable suggestion box is ideal.

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