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Pavement Signs


A pavement sign will help your brand stand out across the seasons. It’s Ideal for driving footfall in your store, gym, reception area, pub or other high street premises. Either as a poster or written in chalk, ensure your message grabs attention how you want it to. Shop a variety of pavement signs in our dedicated collection. We stock swinging pavement signs and A board pavement signs with double-sided designs to grab the attention from passers-by. While our heavy-duty wind resistant pavement signs and waterbase signs are both excellent in adverse weather conditions.

Pavement Signs

A truly effective outdoor display, shop pavement signs are great for any business wanting to advertise and draw attention. These outdoor signs are especially fruitful due to them being in the direct line of sight of pedestrians who could be looking for shops.

Elevate your business’s reach with an A frame pavement sign that is sure to grab the attention of passers-by. You can easily change the image or literature to stay fresh and relevant. The double-sided options provide maximum eyes on your business.

Anyone with a business should consider a pavement sign. Whether you’re holding an event and want to direct people or attract new customers to your store via a promotion, pavement signs are a superb information tool. Popular establishments that use pavement signs include barber shops, coffee shops, beauty salons, nail bars, and pubs.

We offer A0, A1, and A2 size pavement signs. The frames of our signs are made from either aluminium or acrylic, with a PVC cover protecting your inserts for most options. Choose between a dry wipe whiteboard, A-board, and water-based pavement signs.

In the UK, regulations regarding pavement signs vary based on local councils. Generally, you might need planning permission for larger or more permanent signs, but small, temporary ones might not require it. Checking with your local council is crucial to understand specific rules to avoid legal issues and ensure compliance.

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