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Barrier Sign Holders


Our selection of barrier sign holders for queue barriers is ideal for promoting your event or providing information to the public and customers. Being double-sided, you can show off your design or information to as many people as possible. We have options for displaying your designs in both landscape and portrait, allowing you to have a layout that you love. You can attach a sign holder to one of our queuing barriers and you’ll have a set-up that is functional as well as stylish. For alternative queueing and signage options check out our barrier ropes and floor standing sign holders.

Barrier Sign Holders

Barrier sign holders are essential tools for directing and organising crowds in various settings. They consist of sturdy frames that can be attached to barriers and provide a clear and visible display for signs or messages. These holders are widely used in events, construction sites, and public spaces to ensure effective communication and maintain order among large gatherings of people.

When determining where to place your barrier sign holder, it is crucial to consider visibility and accessibility. Ideally, it should be positioned at eye level, ensuring that it is easily noticeable by individuals approaching the barrier. Additionally, place it in a location where it won't obstruct the flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, ensuring safe and unimpeded movement while still effectively conveying your message. A barrier sign holder is suitable for a wide range of environments such as retail stores and museums.

Buying queue barrier sign holders is essential for effective crowd management and communication. These holders provide a convenient and professional way to display important signs and messages, ensuring clear guidance and instructions for customers or visitors. Making the most of barrier sign holders can streamline customer flow, enhance safety, and ultimately improve the overall experience for the customer.

We have an excellent range of A3 and A4 queue barrier sign frames that are sure to make your space a more pleasant experience for your customers. With both landscape and portrait options available, you can pick between them to find the most suitable one for your establishment. You should make sure that your sign holder corresponds to your barrier before purchasing.

Most of our frames are built from high-quality metal with a powder-coated finish to ensure you have a strong and durable item that can withstand daily use in high-traffic environments. We also stock options that are made from acrylic which offers full protection to your insert whilst still allowing customers to clearly see it.

When selecting what to place inside your barrier sign holder, it's essential to consider both functionality and visibility. Opt for clear and concise signage that clearly communicates important information, such as safety instructions or directional guidance. Additionally, consider incorporating eye-catching visuals or colours to attract attention and enhance visibility, ensuring that your message effectively reaches its intended audience.

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