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Clothes Hangers


Keep clothes crease-free and organised in your wardrobe by using clothes hangers from Displaysense. Choose from wooden, plastic and metal clothes hangers in various styles to suit every type of clothing. wooden hangers are sturdy and ideal for suit jackets and coats, whilst our trouser hangers with adjustable clips will keep your folded trousers ready to wear. Add some feminine satin clothes hangers to your wardrobe as an attractive way to display lingerie and bridal garments. Non-slip clothes hangers will keep your items of clothing in place and safely stored away. Opt for slim, lightweight plastic hangers to minimise bulk and fit more pieces onto your clothes rail. You can pick up clothes rail covers as a way of maintaining your clothes rail, garments, and clothes hangers.

Clothes Hangers

Keeping your favourite or popular garments in pristine condition, clothes are a staple of any home or retail store. A stylish and practical way of keeping your apparel looking great in an organised fashion, you can’t go wrong with our clothes hangers.

Standard clothes hangers are approximately 444 to 457mm wide. This width accommodates the shoulders of most adult-sized garments, helping maintain their shape. However, we have variations with smaller and speciality hangers catering to specific clothing types, like suits or skirts, differing in width.

We have hangers available in metal, plastic, velvet, and wood that come in black, grey, pink, white, natural and wooden. There are velvet hangers to make them non-slip as well as adjustable clips, allowing you to fit them perfectly to your garments.

To ensure clothes stay on hangers, use padded hangers for delicate items. Double up thin straps and fasten buttons to prevent slipping. For slippery fabrics, consider adhesive strips and balance the weight distribution to avoid stretching. A tidy wardrobe and gentle handling also help maintain clothes securely on hangers.

Whether you’re a retail store or someone who takes pride in their appearance, hangers allow your clothes to remain uncreased and look fresh. This will attract more people to your products and make your garments look for appealing.

Ideal for either showcasing or storing clothes, hangers come in a range of styles to suit your different apparel types. Whether it’s shirts, coats, jeans, or dresses, you can be sure if there’s a clothing category, there will be a hanger for it.

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