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Dump Bins & Stacking Baskets


There’s much more to retail display solutions than first meets the eye. With dump bins and wire stacking baskets from Displaysense, you’re not only offering a display for customers, but you’re also simultaneously tempting them into an extra purchase. When placed around your store’s point of sale (POS), retail dump baskets allow the retailer to efficiently display a range of goods from any angle. They’re perfect for any additional or sale items that a customer may overlook while browsing; this can include anything from batteries and socks to sun cream and other seasonal essentials. With a flat-packed easily-to-assemble design and collapsible storage, look no further for your supply of retail wire baskets. For more handy display options, don’t forget to take a look at our range of display risers and shop display stands.

Dump Bins & Stacking Baskets

Dump bins and stacking display baskets are common retail display fixtures used to showcase products in a visually appealing manner. Dump bins for retail stores are open containers typically placed on the floor, allowing customers to sift through the contents easily. Stacking baskets, on the other hand, are versatile containers that can be stacked vertically to maximise space and create an organised display.

A dump bin is a container designed to hold and display products in a convenient and eye-catching manner. Positioned at high-traffic areas, it encourages impulse purchases and quick browsing. Ideal for clearance items, small merchandise, or themed promotions, enhancing sales and customer interaction.

Shop dump bins are ideal for displaying and organising various products, allowing for easy access and browsing for customers. They create an attractive and eye-catching presentation, encouraging impulse purchases and increasing sales. Additionally, stacking baskets are versatile and space-efficient, enabling retailers to optimize their floor space by vertically stacking and displaying merchandise, maximising product visibility and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

When considering the placement of large dump bins and stacking baskets, it is essential to prioritise visibility and accessibility. Optimal locations include high-traffic areas such as entrances, checkout lines, and near promotional displays to maximise customer engagement. Additionally, placing them strategically throughout the store near relevant product categories can encourage impulse purchases and facilitate efficient restocking.

We stock different sizes of wire dump bin options which will allow you to pick the best one for your space and display needs. These bins are strong, reliable, and present your items wonderfully. We also have freestanding wire shelving units that can hold documents or present smaller products in an attractive way. These stacking baskets include wheels to allow for easy manoeuvrability no matter what you place inside, which is ideal if you have an ever-changing layout.

When deciding what to place in a dump bin display, it's important to consider impulse-buy items, seasonal products, or clearance items that can grab customers' attention. These bins are ideal for displaying small items such as toys, cosmetics, snacks, or novelty items that encourage browsing and spur additional purchases. A dump bin basket, on the other hand, is perfect for organising and presenting bulkier items like clothing accessories, folded garments, or home goods that benefit from a neat and easily accessible display.

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