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Male Mannequins


Just like female mannequins, male mannequins are a must-have for any retail store looking to properly display men’s clothing. Our male mannequin range includes a variety of styles such as egg head, faceless, articulated and realistic mannequins ensuring there’s something to meet your clothing display needs. In addition, these realistic male mannequins are available in a selection of colour finishes and with easy assembling, changing a shop mannequins outfit has never been easier allowing you to change your storefronts men’s window display on a regular basis without effort. If you’re looking for another way of displaying garments, check out our clothing rails.

Male Mannequins

Our collection of realistic male mannequins provides realistic depictions that are purposefully crafted to exhibit a wide range of clothing and accessories within retail establishments. Wonderfully sculpted to showcase the attributes of the male physique, they serve as ideal platforms for presenting diverse styles of garments.

Our vast selection of male display mannequins allows you to choose the best one for your budget. Whether you want a more basic one at a cheaper price or a detailed version that is more expensive, the choice is completely yours.

All of our full body male mannequin options are either 1830mm or 1840mm which is just over 6ft. This allows you to show off a wide range of clothes and gives your customers the ability to see what it would look like on a person.

When deciding where to place a mens mannequin, it's essential to consider the purpose and context. In a retail store, the mannequin could be strategically positioned near the entrance or in prominent display areas to attract customers and showcase the latest fashion trends. In a fashion design studio, it might be placed in a designated fitting area or used as a reference point for draping fabrics and creating designs.

Male mannequins are essential fixtures in clothing stores and fashion displays, serving as silent models for showcasing men's garments. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these lifelike replicas of the male form capture the essence of masculinity and help customers envision how clothes will look on their bodies. From tailored suits to casual wear, male mannequins play a crucial role in visual merchandising, creating an inviting shopping experience for customers.

We have an excellent selection of male mannequins to suit a range of styles and preferences. All of our male mannequins stand on a glass base with both matt and glossy finishes depending on what your preference is. With abstract, egghead, stylistic, and faceless mannequin options all available, you have a vast number of styles to choose from.

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