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Established in 1978, we are very proud of our rich and varied design and manufacturing heritage, which still has a huge influence on our company today. We are a modern business with fresh ideas and efficient processes, but with almost 40 years of valuable experience to draw on.

From our Head Office in Hertfordshire UK we manage the flow of over 3,500 products, which are manufactured in 25 different countries and distributed to our customers via 9 distribution hubs within the UK and Europe.

Whilst the materials, products and processes we have worked with over the many years may have changed, one fundamental promise remains; the dedication and commitment to our customers.

3 core values at the heart of our business

The Trusted Supplier Offering Unmatched Value,
Unrivalled Choice, and Exceptional Service to Many Leading Brands

Explore our Range: Dive deeper into our diverse product selection, where each item tells a story of innovation and design excellence. From educational and hospitality needs to the specific requirements of the NHS and event organisers, our products are designed to excel in every environment. Discover how our shop displays elevate retail experiences or how our event signage turns ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones.

Ready to Transform Your Space? Contact us today or browse our extensive range online. Let Displaysense be the partner you choose for display solutions that truly work. Remember, Great Displays Work – and we're here to prove it, every step of the way.

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Our Facilities

From our UK Head Office in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire we are able to manage the flow of our huge product range from all over the world with our network of 9 distribution hubs across the UK and Europe totalling over 365,000 sq. feet of storage space
With a stock rate of 94.3%, Displaysense is proud to have the highest published stock rate of any company in the display industry.

Manufacturing locations

Our manufacturing partners are in over 25 countries around the world, producing a unique range of quality display products at competitive prices. Our manufacturing locations include: