Coat Racks & Stands

Being slightly smaller than a clothes rack, you can make a lasting first impression in a variety of interior spaces with our stunning range of shoe and coat rack options. Whether in your home, office space, cafe or restaurant, our hall coat stands delivers on so many levels, not only offering your cohabitants, guests and clients a place to store their coats and jackets but also freeing your space from clutter, giving the room or hallway that extra wow factor. Browse below for our impressive range of coat racks or check out our wider range of modern shoe racks or industrial clothing rack options for more inspiration and ideas.

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Coat Racks & Stands

Hall Coat Stands & Coat Racks

An incredibly useful and stylish addition to any hallway, our range of coat racks and stands allows you to place coats, footwear and other items. This is incredibly useful when arriving home or getting ready to leave, ensuring you don’t forget anything important. We have a range of hall coat stands that can suit any interior style and specific needs.

The choice between a coat rack and a coat stand depends on personal preference and practicality. A coat rack offers a compact solution for hanging coats and accessories, ideal for smaller spaces. On the other hand, a coat stand provides more hanging space and often includes additional features like umbrella holders. Consider space and functionality when deciding.

The number of coats that fit on a coat rack depends on its size and design. A typical coat rack with hooks can accommodate around 5 to 10 coats comfortably. However, larger racks or those with multiple tiers might hold more. Efficient spacing and arrangement also play a role in maximizing capacity.

A coat rack typically stands at an average height of 5 to 6 feet. This convenient piece of furniture offers an ideal solution for hanging coats, hats, and accessories, ensuring easy access and organisation. Its height is designed to accommodate various clothing items while fitting seamlessly into different spaces.

The most suitable place for hall coat stands is simply in your hallway as you can easily place items on when arriving home and get your goods when leaving. You can also place your shoe and coat rack in your bedroom, dining room, or wherever best suits your home. Not only are they extremely useful and practical, but our coat racks also work wonderfully within a range of homes, looking beautiful and bringing elegance.

To prevent a coat stand from tipping, ensure its base is stable and flat on the ground. Place heavier items at the bottom hooks, distributing weight evenly. If needed, attach the stand to a wall for added support. Regularly check for imbalances and make adjustments to maintain its stability and functionality.

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