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Freestanding Whiteboards

Provide a versatile means of information presentation and display by using a whiteboard with stand. Inclusive of styles including magnetic white board options, our freestanding whiteboards are portable featuring smooth moving wheels that make positioning and transport simple and quick. Our large whiteboards are suitable for use in numerous office and public sector environments.

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Freestanding Whiteboards

Freestanding Whiteboards

White boards with stands are a wonderful way of educating or collaborating in a business or learning environment. This is ideal for use in establishments where you might need to move it from room to room or around a space thanks to the wheels that smoothly roll to wherever you push it.

A standing whiteboard is a versatile tool used for presentations, lectures, brainstorming, and collaboration. They offer the flexibility of being moved around a room with ease to suit different group sizes or configurations. Freestanding whiteboards are also an excellent option for temporary spaces where permanent installations are not practical or allowed, such as pop-up shops or classrooms.

If you wish to have a portrait whiteboard, we have a small 900 x 1200mm option. Alternatively, our landscape options range from 1500 x 1200mm to 1800 x 1200mm, allowing you to choose one to suit your preferences.

All of the free standing whiteboard options we sell have a magnetic quality that allows you to pin items on with magnets. This can be an extremely useful feature that can help when it comes to teaching or brainstorming.

When in use, you should ensure that your magnetic white boards are clearly visible by checking the height, lighting, and angle. When not in use, you should make sure it doesn’t obstruct anyone’s learning view or walkway, with the smart option to move it out of sight.

Our freestanding whiteboard options feature a revolving centre that allows you to use the opposite side at a quick time. This allows you to carry on educating or brainstorming without removing your current writing. There are locks on our freestanding whiteboards that allow you to display them at the perfect height for your needs.

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