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Lecterns & Podiums


Easily command the stage and speak with confidence from behind a top-quality lectern. Picking up a lectern podium will help you massively when public speaking. With an angled table, you can hold all your notes and refer to them with ease and comfort. Our lectern podiums give you a sophisticated and professional appearance whilst giving you an indicator of where to stand, becoming a relaxing and reliable place to perform. Public speaking isn’t easy for even the most experienced, but having a lectern stand allows you to feel calm and organised as you inspire, advertise, or educate. There are wood, acrylic and metal designs available to suit your specific needs. Check out some of our exhibition counter and exhibition stand options to complete your set-up.

What Is a Lectern?

Lecterns and podiums are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing. A lectern is a tall stand that holds a speaker's notes, while a podium is a raised platform that a speaker stands on. Both lecterns and podiums are common fixtures in public speaking and academic settings, providing a place for speakers to present their ideas and engage with their audience.

Lecterns provide a focal point for speakers, enhancing their presence and ensuring their message is delivered with confidence and authority. It organises materials such as notes, laptops, or presentation aids, keeping everything within easy reach and promoting a smooth and seamless delivery. A lectern adds a touch of professionalism and sophistication to any speaking engagement, creating a visually appealing and structured environment that enhances the overall experience for both the speaker and the audience.

Our range of lectern heights spans from 1100mm to 1180mm. This allows people of all heights to comfortably read material sitting on it. You can pick the most suitable for your speakers’ needs and what you think will suit your needs most.

We have glass, acrylic, and metal lecterns in different sizes available so you can select the most suitable one for your needs and preferences. In terms of our podium stand options, they are silver, black, and transparent all look terrific and are long-lasting additions to your organisation.

In churches and other religious establishments, you may opt for more of a traditional-style lectern to fit in with the rest of the decor. However, for corporate events, board rooms or university lecture halls you may decide a more modern look would be suitable. Whatever requirement you have our range of both modern and traditional lecterns, in acrylic, metal or wood will fit the bill for any environment or exhibition display.

Where conferences, seminars and presentations are a regular occurrence, a Lectern should always be present on the stage. When presenting behind a podium lectern it will give the speaker more authority on the stage and gives the audience a focal point to attract their attention and in turn enhance their engagement to the speaker. Whilst traditionally used for presentations, seminars and religious services a wood podium can also be used within front-of-house at restaurants or reception areas for bookings or even displaying the menu.

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