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Café Barriers


Café barriers offer more than just a boundary; they are a blend of functionality and marketing. These barriers delineate spaces, allowing cafés and restaurants to expand their seating outdoors, offering patrons a comfortable alfresco dining experience shielded from pedestrian traffic and winds. Simultaneously, with branding and advertising opportunities on the polyester, they act as subtle promotional tools, drawing attention and enhancing the establishment's aesthetic appeal. Their dual role in enhancing customer experience and serving as a marketing canvas makes them indispensable for businesses looking to optimise their outdoor spaces. For more display options check out our menu holders and pavement sign options.

Café Barriers

A café barrier provides a stylish and functional way to delineate outdoor seating areas, offering businesses an opportunity to enhance their brand visibility with custom designs. Not only do they create a defined space for patrons, but they also offer protection from pedestrian traffic and outdoor elements.

An outdoor café barrier not only enhance the aesthetics and identity of an outdoor space but also provide a functional division that shields patrons from wind and pedestrian traffic. Investing in these barriers ensures both a cosy ambiance for customers and a visible branding opportunity for the establishment.

Our range of café barrier systems allows you to select the right size and design for your establishment. We have both chrome and black steel post options that come in wither 1000mm or 1500mm in size depending on what you prefer.

Our custom printing service for outdoor café barriers allows businesses to showcase their brand prominently while defining their outdoor spaces. Tailored to your specific design preferences, these printed barriers not only enhance aesthetics but also boost brand visibility to passersby.

The base of our branded café barriers is built from sturdy and robust steel, ensuring they remain securely in place in all weather. The banner itself is made from polyester that is strong and long-lasting, allowing your design to stay looking good and professional.

Heavy duty café barriers should be placed around the perimeter of your outdoor dining or seating area, both to delineate the space and provide a sense of privacy for patrons. Additionally, positioning them at high-footfall entrances and pathways can guide customer flow while maximising brand visibility.

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