Wall Mounted Display Cabinets Buying Guide

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Helena Strutt

When you want to highlight your treasured items and valuable goods but floor space is tight, wall mounted cabinets are a stylish storage solution. Maybe you just want to keep your most prized possessions safe from dust and curious fingers; wall mounted display cabinets offer an unobstructed but fully protected view of items you are exhibiting. A tidy space equals a tidy mind and display cabinets can help declutter your home or business whilst creating a focal point for visitors and customers to admire.

White Wall Mounted Double Door Display Cabinet with 2 Adjustable Shelves 600mm Wide

Wall mounted display cases give the user the ability to choose the wall positioning so they have total control over the browsing height. Alcoves can be difficult to make the most of, especially the smaller ones, but wall hanging display cabinets can help make the most of these and offer additional storage whilst blending into the surroundings.

To help you work your walls, we will discuss the different types of cabinets and what to consider when purchasing a wall mounted display cabinet below;

Wooden Wall Mounted Cabinets

One of the most popular types on the market, wooden wall mountable cabinets are classically designed and perfect for showing off a wide variety of items, from ornaments to model cars and trains. They are available in a number of different types and colours of wood, making them incredibly popular as living room storage. Wood has the ability to blend effortlessly into your décor whilst also adding character. Many feature a mirrored backing which allows a 360 degree view of the contents whilst adding depth to the space.

Aluminium Wall Mounted Cabinets

To show off your items at their best, aluminium wall mountable cabinets allow plenty of natural light in thanks to the glass sides. The large amount of glass used in these cabinets, means they are often referred to as wall mounted glass display cabinets. These are popular within offices and retail shops because of the professional and modern design but are just as suited for use in a minimalist and modern home. These glass cabinets usually come with tempered safety glass which increases their popularity with the commercial industry as they are safe to use in public areas.


Modular Wall Mounted Display Cabinets

Storage doesn’t just need to be functional and modular wall mounted cabinets allow you to create a striking storage solution that is unique to you. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can mix and match to create an abstract design. You can also increase your storage as the demand for it increases.

Buying Considerations

  • Shelf spread weight- It is important to remember that each shelf will have a weight capacity. The vast majority of display cabinets will feature glass shelves and the spread weight they can hold will vary greatly, usually between 8kg and 30kg. This is usually because of the thickness of the glass shelf itself. If you are looking to hold upwards of 30kg, you will need to look for cabinets with steel shelves which can hold a much higher weight capacity. Whatever cabinet you are looking at, keep in mind the items you are looking to store and check the product details for the spread weight capacity of the shelves. Some cabinets also have the ability to adjust the height of the shelves as they have multiple shelf points. This means the shelves can be positioned to accommodate all the items you are exhibiting.
  • Weight capacity- As with any wall mounted item, the strength of the unit will depend upon the wall type they are hung on. Solid walls such as brick, cinder or cement will be able to hold much heavier loads than walls made of plasterboard.
  • Depth- Wall mounted showcases are a great space saving solution but you will want to bear in mind the depth of the cabinet. We suggest marking out the full size of the display case on the floor in masking tape to give you a better idea of how it will sit within the area. The depth of cabinets will vary greatly so please check the specifications of the product.
  • Materials- The materials are important as you will want a display unit that ties in with all your other furniture and blends in effortlessly. Think about the space you are looking to hang it in and how it will look with any counters, sideboards and other units. It is always best to look for glass cabinets made from tempered or safety glass, especially if it will be used in a public area, as well as making sure that the wood or metal is high quality.
  • Style- The style of the cabinet will again depend on the space in which the cabinet will be going. There are many different types available and you will want to pick the one that will best fit within the room.
  • Lighting- To really showcase your favourite items and draw someone’s gaze, some display cases come with lights. As these are wall mounted, you will need to bear in mind the positioning in relation to an electrical power point.
  • Locks- When storing valuable items or controlled stock, you want to be sure that they are safe and cannot be tampered with or accidentally damaged and locks will give you peace of mind. Many cabinets offer the lock as part of the design of the product but if a cabinet doesn’t come with one, you are able to purchase locks to fit.
  • Doors- Different cabinets come with different doors; single door, double doors and sliding doors. When looking at products, consider the location of the cabinet and whether the space allows for front opening doors. Whilst these are the easiest for any stock changes, they will protrude into the room further when open.


Will I get wall fixings with my wall mounted display cabinet?

Most display cabinets do not come with wall fixings as the fixings you will require will be dependent on the wall type you are mounting on. All good hardware stores will have the required fixings you need. Make sure to buy the right items for your wall, brick walls will require different fixings to that of a plasterboard wall.

How can I find the right wall mounted cabinet for me?

The right wall mounted cabinet will be dependent on the wall space you have and the amount of items you are looking to display. If you are looking to display lots of smaller items, then you will want to look for a cabinet with more shelves and very little space between them. Whilst for taller items, you will want a cabinet with fewer shelves that have a greater height between them.

Wall mounted cabinets also come in a variety of materials so you will want to decide whether wood or metal will be more in keeping with the style of the space.

Where should I buy wall mounted display cabinets?

Wall mounted display cabinets are available from lots of different stores and websites. Be sure to check the product is made from high quality materials and features safety glass, especially if being used in public spaces. Check reviews of both the product and company to make sure that they are a reputable business and that the product comes with a warranty.

I don’t know what to display in glass cabinets, what can you use them for?

Glass cabinets are incredibly versatile. You can use them for memorabilia displays and exhibitions or you can use them in your retail store to showcase key products to customers as they pass by. They are perfect in the home to store your treasured memories and trinkets or for a collection of model planes, cars or LEGO. Many people use them as a china cabinet in the dining room as it keeps their delicate china safe from knocks and dust free so it is ready to use when they want.