How to Attract Attention at Your Exhibition Stand

By Sam Iontton18/08/2021

Exhibition stands are a great marketing tool. They help you get your brand out there to new audiences and are a fantastic opportunity to speak face to face with potential clients. But what makes a good exhibition stand? Here at Displaysense, we’ve created a list of pointers on how to make your exhibition stand out from the competition and maximise its success.

How to make your exhibition stand out

It’s important to understand how to attract people to your exhibition stand, but it’s also crucial to get it right once you’ve got your audience’s attention. A successful exhibition stand needs to do three things: attract visitors, engage them and leave a memorable impression. Here are some strategies for ensuring your exhibition ticks off all three.

1. Deliver your brand message

How does your exhibition reflect your brand? Think clearly about the message you want to portray. This is your opportunity to earn a whole new set of clientele, so it’s important you come to the exhibition with a strong sense of what your brand is and what you offer. Tell your brand’s story – storytelling is an effective way to engage your audience and help them remember you after the event.

2. Create an inviting atmosphere

With many different stands to see at a single event, attendees will want to take a break. Use this to your advantage. To attract attendees to your exhibition stand and keep them there, you need to make it as welcoming as you can.

If the space allows for it, provide attendees with comfortable seating so they can relax for a moment, and even offer free coffee. It’ll draw in people in need of a sit down after a long day. The goal here is to entice them to your stand and make them want to stay. While they’re there, that’s your opportunity to make them familiar with your brand and your products.

3. Maximise engagement

Aside from space to sit and converse, consider ways you can get your visitors more involved. A game or competition can be a great way to engage them with your brand and your products and leave them with a positive memory. By offering your merchandise or customer deals as prizes to take away, you’re also familiarising them with what you have to offer.

4. Offer exclusive products

Another great way to get visitors excited about your products is to offer exclusivity. Are you promoting an up and coming product? Provide your visitors with an exclusive preview. Better still, give them a free sample of your product to take away with them. Think about how you can make this Instagram-able or tweet-worthy, and you can encourage social media engagement at the same time!

5. Be warm and welcoming

This sounds like an obvious one, but a warm and friendly interaction goes a long way. Confidence and charisma are key. Ensure that your team can speak knowledgeably about your products and services and have the people skills to build a rapport with prospective clients.

In the digital age, this face to face interaction gives you a unique opportunity to make a personal connection. Don’t just focus on getting your sales pitch out; be personable, smile and converse to leave a lasting impression.

6. Use graphics instead of text

Avoid using text-heavy messaging in your exhibition stand. A lot of text can muddy a message, so keep it simple and concise. Visitors won’t stop to read lots of copy; stick to snappy sentences, slogans and use graphics to illustrate your messaging. To draw people over, ensure these are eye-catching and large enough to see from across the room.

Large banner stands featuring colourful imagery or slogans are a great option for attracting attention and helping you stand out from the crowd. Keeping literature to hand in brochure and leaflet holders is also a good idea, as this allows visitors to take away information rather than overwhelming them with too much text at your stand.


Keep these simple but effective tips in mind when thinking about how to stand out at an exhibition this year, and you’re sure to draw in the crowds. Remember, the key to success is thinking carefully about how you can attract, engage and leave a memorable impression. To get your message across to your prospective clients, browse our range of literature and information display solutions here at Displaysense.