Easy Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Reduce Clutter

By Sam Iontton18/09/2020

Easy Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms to Reduce Clutter

By Sam Iontton -18/09/2020

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Somewhere not just to sleep, but to sneak off to for some quiet to read a book or get dressed. It may even double up as a home office. A lack of space can make this difficult. A small bedroom can quickly become cluttered without the right storage, making it the opposite of the calming space you need.

We’ve pulled together our top small bedroom storage ideas to organise even the tiniest space:

Clothes Rails

A clothes rail is a space-saving alternative to a typical bulky wardrobe. While it may not be your first thought when trying to reduce clutter, it uses less floor space. A portable rail on wheels is versatile and seeing the wall from behind creates the illusion of more space. You can even use them as an on-trend accessory by choosing an on-trend industrial clothes rail.

Although it can look messy, a stylish rail is an excellent opportunity to organise your capsule wardrobe for the season. Hide last season's clothes out of sight in vacuum pack bags or re-sell for the ultimate space-saving tactic!

Clothes Rails and garment racks

Hanging storage

There’s a lot to be said for practical hanging storage. Often the way clothes are stored means they take up more space than they have to. Investing in a few cheap storage accessories is quick and easy. To maximise space with clever hanging storage:

  • Swap wooden clothes hangers for super slim plastic or chrome hangers.
  • Choose multiple hangers to store your clothes vertically and use up less rail space.
  • Add hanging clothes storage to your wardrobe for storing smaller items.
  • Use over the door hooks and wall hooks to maximise unused space.
clothes hangers, wall mounted rails and hanging storage

Multi-purpose furniture

It can be challenging to make storage space in a small bedroom, especially fitting it around your existing furniture. A great way to free up some much-needed space is to include furniture that has multiple uses. If space allows, an ottoman chest or storage stool works as extra seating and a place to store bedding and towels. A chest of drawers can double up as a bedside table, and a dressing table works equally well as an office desk. Including furniture with clever compartments and drawer space will free up valuable space in your bedroom.

multi purpose storage furniture

Under-bed and drawer storage

Under-bed storage is often wasted or under-utilised. By organising items neatly, you may find you have more storage than you thought. Look out for versatile under-bed storage to organise larger items that are used less regularly, such as duvets, winter clothing and toys. Depending on your needs, opt for large storage bags and vacuum bags which will fit under most low beds.

Drawer dividers and organisers maximise your existing storage space by separating smaller items like socks and makeup. Perfect for those of us with the ‘out of sight out of mind’ mentality, they help to keep things neatly stacked to use the space fully.

Storage boxes

You may have already tried storage boxes to create storage space in a small bedroom. They’re an obvious choice for a reason. Inexpensive and easy to organise, storage boxes are particularly useful in children’s bedrooms: stack plastic or cardboard boxes in the corner of a small bedroom to organise toys or crafts. Or for a more elegant look, line up wooden storage boxes on shelves. You can even paint them to match your bedroom décor.

We hope our easy storage ideas have given you some inspiration for your small bedroom. To start your de-clutter, head over to our storage and shelving or find more creative ideas in our home inspiration section.