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Here at Displaysense, you’ll find a versatile variety of storage products to meet an array of need, as well as an extensive range of shelving solutions. Whether you’re on the hunt for commercial storage furniture to keep your retail or office spaces tidy, or to keep your bedroom and other domestic living spaces clean and uncluttered, there’s a great selection of products to choose from. Our range includes smart storage options like clothes organisers, shoe racks and umbrella stands, in addition to shelving types like retro shelving, heavy duty metal shelving, chrome wire units as well as the highly customisable and adaptable twin slot shelving systems. This vast range allows you to create an organised space at home, in a warehouse, stockroom or office and are available to you in a wide range of high-quality, eye-catching finishes, sizes and material types for whatever your interior’s space and style.

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Shelving is a versatile and practical storage solution that works in a multitude of spaces throughout your home or business. When choosing shelving, it's important to consider factors such as size, material, weight capacity, and aesthetic appeal to ensure that it suits the intended purpose and complements the surrounding décor.

With a vast range of shelving options, we have something to suit all budgets. You can pick up a clothes arm-bar for under £5 or a multi-tiered twin-slot shelving system for £143, with a variety of products in between these price points.

We offer a diverse selection of shelving solutions tailored specifically to a business’s needs. Our range encompasses storage shelves designed for warehouses and storage facilities, heavy duty shelving suitable for manufacturing environments, and twin slot shelving for commercial spaces such as offices and retail stores. With options available in both durable wood and sturdy metal shelving, you can choose the ideal solution that aligns with your storage requirements and makes the most of your available space. whether you want to pick up retro shelves or fancy a modern touch to your home or business, we’ve got you covered.

When deciding where to place shelving, it's important to consider the purpose of the shelves and the layout of the space. Placing shelves against a wall can help to maximise storage space and create a neat and organised look. However, freestanding shelves can also be placed strategically to divide a room or create a focal point. Some suggestions as to where your shelving could go include the living room, bedroom, office, or garage.

Shelving for a business provides an efficient storage solution, allowing for better organisation and easy access to inventory or products, resulting in improved productivity and reduced operational delays. Shelving maximises your space, enabling businesses to make the most of their storage capacity and potentially expand their product offerings. A well-organised and visually appealing shelving system enhances the overall aesthetics of the business, creating a positive impression on customers and potentially boosting sales.

When deciding what to place on shelving for your business, it is crucial to consider the specific needs and objectives. You can showcase promotional items, marketing materials, or samples to attract customer attention and increase sales.

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