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Social Distancing Signs


Promote social distancing in your workplace with our range of social distancing signs. Our diverse line of products provides clear ways to inform staff and customers alike about the measures put in place to protect their wellbeing. Inclusive of styles like floor standing signs and A-board pavement signs, find the social distancing signage solution for your business. For alternative methods of displaying information, check out our snap frames and wall sign holders.

Social Distancing Signs

Social distancing signs have become a common sight in public spaces serving as visual reminders to maintain a safe physical distance from others. With clear messaging and symbols, social distancing signs play a vital role in promoting public health and reducing the risk of viral transmission in crowded areas.

Social distance signs are essential for businesses and public places to ensure the safety of their customers and visitors. Investing in these signs can also help prevent the spread of infectious diseases, providing peace of mind to both staff and visitors.

Our floor signage for social distancing should be positioned in a way that can be easily seen and where a lot of people will walk by it. Hand sanitiser dispensers should be located in a way that is easily accessible and visible to ensure your staff and customers can remain hygienic. When determining where to place social distancing safety signs, it is crucial to consider high-traffic areas where people tend to congregate, such as entrances, waiting areas, checkout counters, and communal spaces.

We have a wide range of circular sticker signs that can go on the floor, seats or walls and present both imagery and written directions to get the message across quickly and efficiently. We also have glow-in-the-dark options, stencil floor signs, hand sanitiser dispensers, and wall-mounted social distancing signs.

Our floor signs for social distancing all have a self-adhesive backing which allows them to reliably stick to the floor, even when there is busy, daily use. The actual hygiene signs themselves are made from durable acrylic which makes them attractive and long-lasting additions. The stencil floor sign is made from 1mm rigid plastic with the sanitiser dispensers built from rigid acrylic.

A social distancing sign offers numerous benefits in promoting public health and safety. They provide clear and visible reminders to individuals to maintain a safe physical distance from others, reducing the risk of viral transmission in crowded spaces. These social distancing floor signs help establish a sense of order and adherence to guidelines, instilling confidence in the community and encouraging responsible behaviour.

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