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Twin Slot Shelving


Twin slot shelving is a versatile modular shelving display option that can be easily adapted to suit your needs, often used within offices, retail or home use due to its stylish design, strength and adaptability. Ideal for any home or work environments, our spur shelving range allows you pick the best one to suit your space, with a range of sizes and shelving colours. Easy to install and with healthy weight capacities, a twin slot shelving system is an ideal solution to creating storage for your retail displays whilst not taking up floor space. for alternative storage methods check out our hanging clothes rail range and heavy duty shelving range options.

Twin Slot Shelving

Twin slot shelving is a versatile and customisable storage solution that uses a two-track system to support adjustable brackets and shelves. This type of shelving is popular in retail stores, libraries, and offices due to its durability, flexibility, and ease of installation. With twin slot shelving, you can create a variety of configurations and adjust the height and spacing of the shelves as needed to accommodate different items.

Twin slot shelving's weight capacity varies based on factors like wall strength, bracket quality, and spacing. Generally, it can support 50-75 kg per bracket when properly installed on sturdy walls. Closer spacing enhances strength. For precise limits, check the product description, contact us, or consider load distribution to ensure safe and effective use.

Installing twin slot shelving is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished with just a few basic tools. Firstly, you'll need to measure and mark the location of the brackets on the wall, ensuring they are level and evenly spaced. You can then attach the brackets to the wall using screws and insert the shelving into the slots. For detailed guidance on how to install, head to our instructions and installation guides.

The size of screws you need for twin slot shelving typically depends on the thickness of the shelving material and the weight it will bear. For medium-duty applications, use 1/4-inch diameter screws, while heavy-duty scenarios may require 3/8-inch diameter screws. The length should be sufficient to penetrate the wall and bracket securely.

Twin slot shelving is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a robust and durable shelving system that can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing storage needs. Twin slot shelving is also easy to install and can be customised to fit any space, making it a popular choice for both commercial and residential settings.

You should make sure you’re aware of the weight capacity of your shelving before placing items on them to ensure your twin slot shelving system remains in great condition. You should figure out what you want to use your shelving for, whether it’s to add style or practicality. Books, folders, tools, ornaments, and plants are all great options for your spur shelving.

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