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Wood Hangers


With excellent durability, our range of wooden clothes hangers provide a strong and sturdy option for clothing to be stored on. Especially suited for smart shirts as their fixed rigid design prevents them from sagging and creasing on your wooden clothing rack. Available in natural wood, black and white our wooden hangers come In an assortment of variations including hangers with adjustable clips. If you want a different type of material, our velvet hangers and plastic hangers work excellently.

Wooden Clothes Hangers

Being incredibly durable and adding excellent style to your wardrobe, our wooden hangers are an excellent clothes storage solution that you’ll be able to use for years. An extremely strong and reliable item for any home or retail environment, you can’t go wrong with our wooden hangers.

Wooden hangers offer several advantages for clothes. They prevent stretching and maintain the garment's shape. The smooth surface reduces creases and wrinkles, promoting longevity. Additionally, they are sturdier than plastic hangers and add a touch of elegance to the closet. Overall, wooden hangers are a better choice for preserving clothing quality.

We stock an extensive range of wooden clothes hangers to cater to several different needs. From standard hangers which are suitable for shirts, wooden skirt hangers, and ones with a trouser bar. If you wish to hang multiple trousers on one unit, our 4-bar wood trouser hanger is perfect.

Both natural and white wooden hangers are available allowing you to pick the most suitable for your establishment. There are silver metal elements that provide added strength and style to your clothes rail.

If you’re looking for a wonderful way to store your clothes, our wooden hangers not only add a touch of style to your wardrobe or clothes rail but also help keep your clothes organised and in great condition. With their durable construction, you can trust that your clothes will stay in place and look great. Plus, having a well-organised closet can help you save time and reduce stress when getting dressed.

You should evaluate how many clothes you want to hang up and ensure you have enough room in your wardrobe or clothes rail to gain a good idea of how many hangers you will need. Excluding our multiple bar trouser hanger, all of our other wooden hangers come in packs of 25 which is a healthy amount to fill a clothes rail.

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