Poster Holder Buying Guide

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Carrie Gilbertson

When it comes to displaying your poster, you want to show it off at its best and protect it from dust and moisture, whilst not detracting from the contents you are exhibiting. The artwork you are displaying may be a promotional message for your business or it may be a movie poster of your favourite film but either way, you will want the materials to be clear and professional.

They come in a variety of styles, from pavement signs to wall mounted snap frames, as well as a variety of sizes from A4 to A0. This means that whatever you are looking to display, there will be a product for you.

In this buying guide, we will go through the different poster holder types on the market and what to look for so that you can find the right product for you or your business.

Pavement Signs

Pavements signs are a great way to promote an offer or raise interest in your business, especially if you are not situated directly on the main road or have a business that you run from your home such as a beauty salon or sports therapy centre. Passers-by can be tempted inside by an eye-catching poster display that could lead to increased sales and awareness. Artwork is quick and easy to replace as most will feature a snap frame mechanism or magnetic clip system. Most pavement signs are not designed to be left outside permanently and should be brought in at night and during adverse weather conditions. For signs that can withstand the winters blustery weather, a windproof pavement sign that can be filled with either sand or water to weigh it down will be the best solution.

Snap Frames

When it comes to displaying your poster, there is no easier option than a snap frame. Once mounted to the wall, the sides simply need to be popped open to replace the literature inside. They are lightweight and sleek, coming with either mitred or chrome rounded corners. They come in a variety of sizes from A6, all the way up to quad posters at a massive 30 x 40 inches. Perfect for home or business use, you can find out more about snap frames here.

Poster Cases

Poster cases are ideal for use in public areas with heavy footfall or sites that may be vulnerable to damage as they are lockable and tamperproof. They are also suited to both indoor and outdoor use, as the frame is water resistant and boxes your literature inside to protect it from the elements. Please be aware that they are not water tight as the edges are not fully sealed. Perfect for use at shopping centres, stadiums and service stations, they keep the artwork safe and tidy so you can display your poster with pride.

Floor Standing Poster Display Stands

These are a great item for restaurants, hotels and exhibition stands. You can present valuable information, like your menu or services, to customers passing-by. Floor standing poster stands can be easily repositioned to make sure they get the most visibility and they can usually be presented in either landscape or portrait. If your artwork orientation changes, you can simply rotate the display panel. The artwork can be updated quickly as many floor standing display stands will feature a front loading snap frame mechanism. These are most commonly found in A4 and A3 sizes.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Poster Display

Perfect for displaying meeting room details and health and safety notices, wall mounted acrylic poster holders are easy to update as they are usually secured with nodules that can be undone without any tools. Once unscrewed, the front panel can be removed to change the poster inside. They are mostly made from crystal clear acrylic which allows the materials inside to be displayed without distraction and with no frame, it creates the impression that they are floating.

Buying Considerations

  • Location – The placement location will be an important factor in not only picking the right style for you but also for making sure your poster gets the most visibility. If you are trying to raise awareness of a promotion or service, you will want it in an area customers will see easily. For those with limited floor space, a wall mounted poster case or snap frame will keep the area tidy and hazard free. If you wish to use the item outdoors, you will need to look for weatherproof items to prevent the materials inside being damaged from rain and condensation.
  • Size –Some poster holders will come in a wider array of sizes than others. For example, wall mounted snap frames are available from A6 to A0 whilst floor standing poster holders are usually only available in A4 and A3. You will need to bear in the mind the type of artwork you are wanting to display when looking at the styles available.
  • Security – Depending on the location, you may wish to purchase an item that has security features to protect the artwork. Poster cases come with locks as standard, whilst snap frames can be purchased as lockable and tamperproof, however most pavement signs, cable kits and floor standing poster holders will not have this as a feature.
  • Safety – For items in public areas, safety should always be a concern. These items all come with PVC covers which protect the posters from damage. These lightweight covers are safe to use around members of the public as they will not smash like glass found in traditional frames. If you are looking to use a floor standing holder or a pavement sign, always consider those who will be walking around it as it will need to be placed in a location that is fully visible and has plenty of free space around it so as not to cause a trip hazard.


Why do I need a poster holder?

Poster holders not only keep your artwork safe from damage by individuals but it also protects it from dust, dirt and water showers. They present your materials in a professional manner and will provide a smart image of you and your business. They make changes to promotions or menus simple and time efficient for staff as most feature front loading systems.

What poster holder style is right for me?

This will largely come down to the space you are aiming to place it in. If you are tight on space, a wall mounted poster holder will be best as it won’t clutter floor areas. If you are aiming to grab people’s attention and are able to safely place one outside, a floor standing poster holder or pavement sign is a great solution for increasing awareness and sales. If you are simply looking to present your posters in a smart and sleek way, in the home or at work, snap frames are great value for money and really add to the aesthetics of a space.

Can I place a pavement sign anywhere?

Unfortunately not, every council will have different rules so always check with them before purchasing and definitely before placing outside. To prevent accidents, always make sure that your sign is appropriate for the size of the path. For very small pavements an A3 sign will be large enough to get your message across without preventing people walking past. If the weather is particularly bad and your pavement sign doesn’t have a weighted base, always bring it inside. Make sure your pavement sign is kept in good condition; if the legs or edges become damaged, make sure to fix them or buy a replacement to prevent accidents.

How do I make the most of my poster holder?

Always keep your poster holder in good condition. Regular dusting and wiping with a damp cloth will keep them clean and tidy. Make sure your poster holder is in the optimum position. If you are able to make use of a freestanding item, you can reposition the item dependant on the movement of people to get the best visibility. For those who would be making use of a wall or ceiling mounted item in a commercial setting, make sure to consider where the highest footfall is before hanging. If the wall mounted item is for the home, think about placing the item opposite entrances and near seating areas to add to the aesthetics of the room.