Garden Shed Organisation Ideas

By Sam Iontton27/08/2021
Garden Shed Organisation Ideas

By Sam Iontton -27/08/2021

Garden sheds and garages are great places to store DIY tools, infrequently used belongings and general odds and ends. But often, the trouble is finding them again! Sheds hold many different items, so it’s very easy to let them become overrun and disorganised over time. Thankfully though, a few clever storage hacks can make an immediate difference.

Running short on space and need to clear the clutter? Try these garden shed organisation ideas.

Invest in shelving racks

In a small shed with limited floor space, make the most of your vertical space with a full shelving unit. This is one of the best garden shed storage ideas we can recommend for not only clearing floor space but keeping things ordered.

Heavy-duty metal shelving is the best option to support the weight of heavy boxes, power tools or gardening equipment you’re storing in your shed. Just remember to store lighter things up top and heavier items on the bottom shelves.

Place wall shelves high

If you don’t have room for a full shelving rack, sturdy wall shelves are also a great option for storing lighter boxes, tools and plant pots. Storing these items on the wall will keep them off the floor and help keep your shed organised.

To make the best use of your wall space, place shelves high on the wall and opt for multiple rows if you can. Remember, empty wall space is a waste in a small shed!

Use wooden storage crates

To keep your things organised, you’ll need storage crates or boxes. Wooden storage crates are a great option for keeping in the shed, but avoid fabric boxes, as the material may start to mould in damp conditions.

Wooden crates are ideal for everything from fire logs to gardening gear. You can store these on your new shelves or stack them one on top of the other.

Hang large tools on wall hooks

If you’re a keen gardener, chances are your garden shed is filled with rakes, brushes, shovels and other gardening tools. To keep them organised and close to hand when you need them, screw some wall hooks into your shed. Storing them vertically along the wall will keep your floors clear and your tools easily in reach when you need them.

Hang small tools on the door

Don’t forget your door when it comes to storage space. Hanging smaller items such as shovels, trowels and gardening gloves on the back of the door will save your wall space for other things.

Bulky items like bike helmets are also great to store on here that would otherwise take up a lot of room on a shelf. Avoid using your door for heavier tools, however, as the weight can damage the hinges.

Use DIY storage boxes

Never able to locate your DIY sundries when you need them? Then keep them neatly organised in a dedicated storage box.

A DIY and craft storage box with a tray insert is ideal, as this provides individual compartments for keeping everything separate and organised – so whether it’s bolts, screws or drill bits you need, you can find them quickly and easily.

Keep tools on a pegboard

If you regularly use your hand tools and want to grab them quickly, try keeping them on a pegboard. A pegboard is one of the best garden shed organisation ideas you can opt for.

Cost-effective and easy to set up, you can simply drill or lean it onto your wall and use hooks to hold your smaller tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and pliers. Next time you need them for a DIY task, you’ll know exactly where they are!

Hang items from a wire

Another great shed organisation idea is to use a wire and some S hooks to hang items. A washing line is perfect for this; simply attach it to either side of your shed, either close to the ceiling or along the back wall. Make sure it’s taut so that it won't sag with the weight of your items, then just add some S hooks to hang your items from it.

You can do this with watering cans and garden tools or even use pegs to hold seed packets and flower bulbs until you’re ready to plant them.

For more clever garden shed organisation ideas, check out our storage and shelving options here at Displaysense, including our wall-mounted twin slot shelves.