How to Store and Display LEGO Sets

By Sam Iontton06/01/2021
How to Store and Display LEGO Sets

By Sam Iontton -06/01/2021

With a lot of time spent at home this past year, many of us have discovered new hobbies and rediscovered old interests. Parents have had more time to spend with their children, playing and exploring their creativity. This quality time at home has caused a toy sales boom during a challenging year for many retailers. One company that’s benefited from our change in circumstances has been LEGO.

Whether you’re a parent sharing your love of the brand, or you’re a loyal fan, LEGO is an excellent form of escapism. Building a LEGO set promotes mindfulness, helping to reduce anxiety and keep your mind focused on the present. For those with a growing collection, the only question is where you store them.


After the numerous hours invested in building a LEGO set, breaking it up and putting it back in its box can ruin the fun. But if you’re a keen collector, keeping your collection pristine is crucial. Creating a dedicated display for large LEGO sets not only keeps them safe, but it can also reduce clutter and add some joy to your décor.

To give you some design inspiration, we’ve explored our top tips for displaying and storing LEGO collections.


Protect Your Works of Art in a Display Cabinet

A glass wall display cabinet or standing cabinet is an ideal way to display large LEGO sets to make a feature of your prized collections. Dedicate a whole room to your collectables or choose smaller styles to fit your existing décor. Glass doors will protect your LEGO collection from dust and knocks, so you can enjoy your creations without risking damage. Be careful not to overpack your cabinets – for an uncluttered, eye-catching look, less is more.

free standing and wall display cabinets

Show off Your Collectables in a Display Case

An acrylic display case is ideal for smaller collections, and for offering more versatility. If you’re renting or you don’t want to commit to a display cabinet, opt for a smaller display case. These will keep your LEGO sets protected from dust and accidental knocks while they’re on display. The lightweight cases can be moved from room to room easily for indecisive LEGO fans. The 360 view is also great for showing off collectables without exposing them to clumsy fingers.


Make an Impact with Shelving

Bookshelves and tall shelving are great for displaying large LEGO sets and mini-figures. Suppose you lack the space to add to your existing furniture. Then display a LEGO set around your other possessions and collectables. Or for a more eye-catching display, floor to ceiling shelving will make an impact. But before you choose shelving, consider dust and any pets or children who could damage LEGO displayed on low shelves.

cube shelving units

Get Creative with a LEGO Table

Perhaps one for the kids, but we couldn’t share our favourite LEGO storage and display ideas without including a LEGO table. There are so many pre-made options available, both with sliding tops and drawers to store collections and spare bricks. Or you can easily create your own by sticking LEGO base plates to the surface of an existing table. The table helps to keep LEGO confined to one area, to keep rooms tidy while offering a space to build large sets and keep them on display.

Get Creative with a LEGO Table

Don’t Forget to Organise Unused LEGO

Whether you’ve gone off plan to build your own creation or you’re in between collections, losing a brick can ruin the fun. Making sure each set is in its box is crucial. But as LEGO has such a good resale price, you may want to keep the box stored away. Clear plastic storage boxes with compartments will keep each set and any spare bricks organised. So, your unused LEGO won’t get lost or damaged.

plastic storage boxes

If you’re feeling inspired to find new ways of displaying your LEGO collections, check out our extensive range of display cabinets, available in both free-standing and wall mounted styles, and in a variety of finishes to fit any interior design.

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