7 Affordable Classroom Storage Solutions for Better Organisation

By Sam Iontton07/09/2022

Are you looking for a storage solution for your classroom? Do you have a cluttered play area, or are your drawers filled with mismatched pens? Check out our guide, which includes the best storage solutions for an even more organised classroom.

7 Affordable Classroom Storage Solutions for Better Organisation



1. Shoe Organiser Boxes

Shoe organiser boxes offer dual storage purposes for classrooms and can be a great storage solution for books, crafts and other items.

One storage solution idea you can opt for with storage boxes is segmenting your student’s workbooks by subject. Sectioning the books this way will allow you to create an organised space for workbooks and textbooks, making it easier to access the relevant materials when needed.

Shoe Organiser Boxes

Don’t limit yourself to storing shoes and books in the organiser boxes; you could always use the compartments to store soft play items or crafts for art. Ensuring that your potentially messier items (glitter, glue and felt tips) have a dedicated space will reduce the risk of children making mistakes and causing messy situations.

The stackable nature of the organiser boxes allows you the freedom to create an organisational structure that suits your space. Singular stacked boxes work better along a table in your classroom for storing personal belongings, whereas a group of boxes in a communal classroom area would work better for storing crafts and books.

2. Chalkboard labels

When organising storage options for your arts and crafts equipment in your classroom, it is important to use labels.

Labels help teachers and students to identify and locate crafts materials quickly.

Using chalk markers and chalkboard labels, you can easily wipe and reapply the contents to your jars and storage boxes. This flexibility makes them the perfect classroom storage option for primary and secondary school classrooms where crafts are often used and refilled.



3. Storage hooks

A classroom can have a lot of resources for various subjects, such as single-sheet challenges, information sheets and laminated task lists. Placing all of these materials into pouches and clipping them to a hanger, and storing them on storage hooks or a wall-mounted clothes rail can be a great way to save space and stay organised.

To save space, why not use multiple skirt hangers to clip your resource pouches in collective groups and then store these on a wall-mounted clothes rail.

Chalkboard labels

4. Make-up organiser

If you are looking for a classroom storage solution for smaller items such as beads, pens and other crafts materials, then a make-up organiser could be a perfect choice to add to your classroom.

Make-up organiser

Available with 18 different compartments, you can section supplies into their own space to ensure you stay organised. The various-sized compartments are suited for smaller crafts items and to organise pens and pencils.

Cost-effective and curved for easy viewing, you can easily store make-up organisers on desks or worktops without taking up too much space.

5. Coloured paper organiser

There is nothing worse than a messy coloured paper drawer in a classroom. Keep your selection of coloured paper organised and separated with an A4 brochure holder.

The tiered structure of the holder allows easy access, and you can keep different coloured paper or different types of paper apart easily. The only task is organising your pile of jumbled paper into their allocated piles.

6. Book storage solutions

Making sure that your books stay organised is important to running a classroom. You don’t want to mix up your student’s books, and you should have storage space for your class to leave their workbooks.

Using merchandising cubes can be a great way to store books and other files, and if you are struggling for space in your classroom, these can be fixed to the wall for convenience. The steel wire construction of merchandising cubes allows for storage of heavier items and larger quantities, which will also help you save space.

Coloured paper organiser

7. Organise toys and play with display cubes

As a teacher of young children, you will know the importance of learning through play. You will also know how messy and disorganised play learning can be, and if you are looking for a storage solution – we have just what you need.

Organise toys and play with display cubes

Use display risers to store toys such as cars and dolls. These can be easily stored away and stacked in cupboards to be brought out for students during scheduled play times.

You will find a variety of shapes within the selection of display boxes to suit the needs of your classroom, such as cylinders and cubes.

Affordable storage solutions for your classroom

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