The Advantages of Using Leaflets for Advertising

By Sam Iontton14/03/2023

There are many advantages of leaflet advertising as is a great way to promote your business and its offerings. Whether you want to attract new customers in your local area or promote new products – they can be an effective strategy to include in your store.

But what is leaflet advertising, what are the benefits, and what do you include in your leaflet? Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about leaflet advertising and how it can help you increase business and sales.



What is leaflet advertising?

Leaflet advertising is the creation of flyers or information leaflets to promote your new business, new product or service launches or to direct customers to your store to promote a sale. Typically, they are thin pieces of paper that outline information to the reader quickly and succinctly. To get the reader hooked or pay attention to your leaflet, you can include discounts or promotions to ensure that they keep the flyer, which can help you spread the word about your brand.

Types of leaflet advertising

There are many different types of leaflet advertising that you can use in-store. Each of the following types of leaflet advertising can be used to convey messaging, promote sales and spread brand awareness.




A leaflet is usually a small rectangular piece of paper that can be folded, and they are usually inexpensive compared to other types of advertising. You can have them on your counter in your store in a leaflet or brochure holder or dotted around for customers to pick up as they browse.

If you don’t want to include the leaflets in your store, you can ask other related businesses (who are not competitors) or points of interest if you can display them within their premises.

Another way to promote your business is through leaflet handouts or mail drops. This involves distributing leaflets by mail or an attendant handing them out on the street.

Small brochure leaflet

Small brochure leaflet

If you don’t want to include a promotion or sale on your leaflet, you can use it to showcase your products or services. Creating a leaflet that acts as a brochure is a simple and effective way of showing your customers your products and services in a visually appealing way that they can refer to later.

Usually, a brochure can show customers a visual representation of what your products would look like in a real setting. This can include models wearing your clothes or products in a real-life setting. Choose to display your brochure to suit your business needs, and you will find countertop A4 leaflet holders and A5 leaflet holders for smaller brochures.



What to include on the leaflet in leaflet advertising

When deciding on what you should include in your leaflet or brochure, make sure you follow these top tips to ensure the success of your leaflet:

  • Keep it short and to the point
  • Include your brand colours and logo
  • Speak directly to the customer
  • Showcase your products or services
  • Use eye-catching imagery
  • Include promotional material or offers
  • Provide a call to action
  • Don’t forget to include the details of any promotions (date, store, any exclusions)
What to include on the leaflet in leaflet advertising



Benefits of using leaflet advertising

If you are wondering about the benefits of leaflet advertising and how it can impact and drive sales to your business, keep reading:


Leaflets include lots of information

Including a leaflet in your store is a great way to communicate with customers. It can provide customers with information about your products, display information about promotions or deals and gives you opportunities to cross-sell. This allows you to effectively convey your brand messaging, ethos and quality of your products or services to your customers. When your customers understand your brand and the high-quality nature of your offering, it is easier to retain customers and justify your prices.

Visually pleasing

Having a visually pleasing leaflet will allow you to show off your brand, and if you decide to use imagery from a photoshoot, you can use these assets in your online marketing. If your leaflet is visually appealing, your customers will likely want to purchase from you and will be able to visualise your products in a real-life setting.


Leaflets are a cost-effective way of advertising compared to other forms of marketing. They are typically cheaper in larger quantities, so if you plan on utilising leaflets in a mail drop or want to display them within a range of your stores, consider the number you are purchasing and the return on investment.

People trust print

Consumers still value printed products, and in an age where retailers are targeting customers online, a printed leaflet can help you to stand out in a crowded market. Creating a printed leaflet that customers can physically take with them will allow you to remain in their minds and on their person, which is far more effective than an online ad.



Where can you distribute leaflets for your business?

Once you have established what your leaflet needs to include, you can start to think about where you will distribute it. You can distribute your leaflets in many places depending on the end goal and what you want to achieve from your flyer.

Where can you distribute leaflets for your business?


You can also display your flyers in your store, which is particularly useful if you have an upcoming event or sale and want to reward regular customers with a discount. You can display your leaflets on your till or around your store within a brochure or leaflet holder and allow customers to take them whenever they please.

Mail drop:

You can distribute flyers to the letterboxes of your local customers. Many companies will do that for you based on selected postcodes, proximity radius, and the number of leaflets you want to distribute. This can become pricey if you include a large radius; however, it is an effective way to create brand awareness in your local area and could benefit your store if you are a new business.

Other businesses:

Asking local businesses if they will include your flyer in their store can benefit both parties. Don’t approach competitors with your flyers, as you will get turned away. Consider local businesses with similar customers to those you are targeting. An example of this could be a florist and a chocolate shop or an MOT garage and a car cleaning service.

Trade shows and events:

If you attend trade shows or local networking events, a flyer can be a great way to promote your business and will allow those in attendance to have something they can look back on.



How to design your leaflet for advertising

There are many online tools that you can use to help you create your leaflet for advertising purposes. One of the best free tools to design your leaflet is Canva. On Canva, you can create your leaflet or flyer based on templates already outlined. This includes text, layout and imagery placeholders that you can edit to fit the look and feel of your brand.

How to create a flyer on Canva

  • Simply log in to your account
  • Click on all templates
  • Head to the marketing templates
  • Select Flyer


You can edit on a template that suits the look you are after. With the option to change colours, text and imagery – you will have your dream flyer in no time. You can also export the document into a range of file types to match the criteria of your printer. It is incredibly easy to do this and you can even look up tutorials to find tips and tricks that'll make you an expert in next to no time.



Add flyers to your store with Displaysense

Check out the range of brochure and leaflet holders available at Displaysense today. The range of leaflet holders available includes designs that can accommodate a range of business needs, including A5 leaflet holders for smaller flyers and A4 brochure holders for larger pamphlets. You can place leaflet holders on your counter or around the store, as we have wall-mounted brochure holders available for shops that want to utilise their wall space. We also offer a custom leaflet printing service which allows you to send us your designs which we will print as per your requirements and send to you quickly and professionally.