The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

By Sam Iontton31/05/2022

The second of June 2022 marks 70 years since the Queen’s coronation took place after she earlier ascended to the throne. This is the first British monarch to reach this milestone with celebrations to take place across the UK and the commonwealth on the Friday and across the weekend. A lot of the events commemorating the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II are based on what took place over 400 years ago during the reign of Elizabeth I. Whatever way in which you choose to honour this unprecedented moment in history, it is important to be optimistic, thankful, and reflective of the country and Queen during her time in power.


February the sixth, earlier this year marked the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession and in her speech, she said:

The celebrations will consist of street parties, a parade down The Mall to the Palace, and a service of thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral. Usually, The Queen would spend the anniversary of her coronation privately at Sandringham. However, given the magnitude of the occasion she is likely to be very busy, with Sandringham and Balmoral open to the public throughout the weekend. More than 100 national treasures are expected to ride along a procession in open top buses that each represent a decade of The Queens reign.


There will also be a concert at the front of Buckingham Palace, broadcast on BBC One titled “The Platinum Party at the Palace”, featuring a star-studded ensemble that includes Alicia Keys, Queen, and Sir Rod Stewart. Each local community will have specific ways of commemorating the historic day, whether that be planting a time capsule or hosting a civic event that involves the Chairman of the Council and the Elected Mayor. Official Platinum Jubilee souvenirs can also be purchased and include sparkling wine, chinaware, and bags. Members of the public are encouraged to “Plant a tree for the Jubilee” emphasising Her Majesty’s endearment towards nature, with over 60,000 trees having already been planted.



The jubilee is a magnificent way of bringing the nation together, especially after a tough couple of years for many. As a business, hosting an event or releasing special themed items around this celebratory time is a great way to display national pride and spread a loving warmth to local communities. For example, as a pub or restaurant release a themed dish or drink to honour the occasion. If you’re wanting to really push the boat out, then why not try and recreate Jemma Melvin’s Platinum Pudding winner of a Lemon Swiss Roll & Amaretti Trifle.



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With so much going on, it’s sure to be a memorable long weekend, filled with joy, nostalgia, and togetherness. Whether you’re heading to the capital to witness events take place first hand, or in the comfort of your own home surrounded by loved ones, absorb this prestigious moment of history, the likes of which may never be seen again. Take time beforehand to teach or remind yourself of all the loyal service Her Majesty has given us throughout the years. If Queen Elizabeth II continues her reign until May 2024, she’ll surpass King Louis XIV as the longest reigning monarch ever. Unlike King Louis XIV, Queen Elizabeth II has been firmly in control of her reign, and it is likely, if she does eclipse the record, she will hold it forever given how few monarchies are left. A truly inspirational figurehead that has been and continues to be dutiful after an iconic 70 years. We thank you ma’am.