Wall Mounted Clothes Rails Buying Guide

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Carrie Gilbertson - 14/10/2020

A wall mounted clothes rail is a practical and stylish option for both retail stores and in the home. They’re ideal for small boutiques and bedrooms helping to increase floor space and create a sense of spaciousness. With a range of classic and on-trend options, including industrial style wall rails, your rail won’t look out of place with any interior design.

Built with high-grade steel, they’re suitable for even heavy loads. Whether for yourself or your customers, a wall mounted rail makes it easy to display and browse all of your clothes. With a wall mounted clothes rail, you can display items within easy reach, whilst maximising awkward spaces such as alcoves and slanted ceilings.

Wedding dresses on black hangers that are on a silver wall mounted clothes rail

If you’re contemplating purchasing a wall mounted clothing system, we’ve compiled everything you need to know to help you choose the right one for your space. If you’re looking to browse, explore our wall mounted clothes rails.

Wall Mounted Single Rails

Our wall mounted single rails are primarily constructed from metal with a chrome or silver finish. These rails are incredibly versatile, layering well with other rails and hanging solutions such as clothes arms. For increased support or to increase the maximum weight, it’s easy to add additional brackets. A popular choice in the home, offices and retail stores, a single wall mounted rail displays items neatly to keep floor space clear from clutter.

Wall Mounted Industrial Scaffolding Clothes Rails

If you’re looking for a more eye-catching storage solution, our wall mounted industrial clothes rails are bold and on-trend. Not only do they have a unique design, but they’re also incredibly practical. Built with high-grade steel and available as both single and extendable double rails offering additional hanging storage. These wall fixed hanging rails can be adjusted to fit most spaces, and the stunning style will suit any modern home or retail store.

Twin Slot Wall Mounted Clothing Rails

Twin slot wall mounted clothing rails often comprise of two wall brackets and two rails. They’re an affordable solution which you can adapt to your needs. Choose from a range of additional shelves, rails and arms to customise it to your exact requirements. You can even start with a standard twin slot wall mounted rail and add to it as your clothing collection grows. This adaptability makes the twin slot rail perfect for a walk-in wardrobe.



Buying Considerations

Weight - The weight that any wall mounted rail will be able to hold will depend upon the wall it’s mounted. Solid walls such as brick, cinder or cement will be able to hold much heavier loads than plasterboard walls. Always take into consideration the walls you’ll be hanging the rails on. If the wall is weaker, you can often add additional supports for reassurance.

Width- To create a truly personal clothes rail system, wall mounted rails come in a variety of widths starting from 610mm. As the rails get wider, more brackets will be required to hold it up. For example, a 3.6m rail will come with five brackets compared to a smaller rail which will come with only two.

Depth- Our rails are typically around a foot from the wall to allow space to hang clothes. However, rails will vary in depth dependant on the type, so check the exact dimensions on each product page. If you’re concerned by the depth of the rails, try marking out the measurements on the floor in masking tape to get a feel for the space.

Materials- If you’re looking for a robust and stable wall mounted hanging rail that can cope with your bursting wardrobe, look for high-grade steel options. Strength is especially crucial for the rail itself, which will have your clothes hung on it.

Style- There are many different types of wall mounted clothes rails on the market, ranging from sleek silver rails to industrial styles constructed from scaffolding poles. They can also come with additional shelving to create a clothes rail storage system.



How do I choose the right wall mounted storage solution?

The best wall mounted storage to choose is dependent on the size of your space and how much you’re looking to store. Bulkier items and large quantities will require more robust materials and potentially additional supports. Whilst most wall mounted rails can be attached to any wall, more solid walls such as brick will be able to maintain heavier weights.

You’ll also want to take into consideration the types of clothes you’re looking to store. Long garments, such as dresses, require a higher hanging height and most likely won’t leave much space above or below for extra storage. You can layer trousers and shirts or tops on a two-tier clothing system to maximise the space available.

How can I make the most of the space I have when designing a clothes storage system?

Always consider the full height and breadth of the space along with the clothes you’ll be hanging to determine the rail sizes you’ll need. Shelving for footwear and accessories can be a great way to use up smaller spaces, whilst storage baskets and bins can provide extra storage for smaller items. If you have alcove space, you can maximise this without taking up valuable space. In a commercial setting, it’s worth planning your entire area and considering other merchandising items such as mannequins and how they will work with the clothes rails.

How do I hang a clothes rail?

You’ll find that you can hang most clothes rails in the same way. Firstly, measure your wall and mark the position of the wall brackets. Then drill the required holes for the brackets and fix them to the wall securely with screws. Finally, attach your hanging rail to the wall brackets and screw in place. If you get stuck, our wall mounted clothes rails come with instructions to help even a complete novice.

Does the product come with fixings?

Most wall mounted rails don’t come with fixings like screws and raw plugs. This is because different types of walls require different fixings. Make sure to check the features of the product, but if not they’re available at all good hardware stores.

What type of screws would I need to buy?

Ensure you buy the right fixing for the wall type you’re mounting and then a screw length of 50-60mm.

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