Storage Ideas to Maximise Space in a Loft Bedroom

By Sam Iontton04/11/2020

By Sam Iontton - 4/11/2020

According to a recent study, a loft conversion can add as much as 21% to the value of your home. This is great news if you’re looking to sell, but what if you just need the extra space? Whether it’s for a growing family or a home office, a loft bedroom can give you much-needed space. But if your room isn’t well planned out, slanted ceilings and awkward shaped walls can feel cramped and cluttered.

We’ve explored some of our top storage ideas to help you create more space in your loft bedroom.


1. Create open wardrobes in alcoves

Although free-standing wardrobes will often fit in alcoves, they don’t use all available space. Even taller styles leave space above which can become messy. Wall-mounted clothes rails are a great space-saving alternative. While a fully fitted wardrobe can be expensive, fixing wall-mounted rails is both easy and affordable. Modern and industrial designs can look sleek and on-trend, meaning all you’ll need is a rail and some fixings.

wall mounted rails and clothes rails

To make full use of the space, double clothes rails can be attached for floor to ceiling clothes storage. Or for longer garments, such as dresses and long coats, look for single rails. For additional storage, fix shelving above your rail to store smaller items or for neatly stacking storage boxes.


2. Maximise sloped ceilings with shelving

Sloped ceilings are arguably the biggest drawback of loft spaces. Low, awkward spaces make it difficult to navigate small rooms, and free-standing storage rarely uses all available floor space. Shelving is ideal for maximising awkward spaces, enabling you to store smaller items like collectables and books.


Look out for shelving that can be cut to size to fit flush against your sloping ceilings. Or if DIY is enough to give you nightmares, look for stepped cube shelving. The sloped angle will allow it to sit under sloped ceilings and the symmetrical cubes are great for storing boxes to tidy away small toys and office equipment.

cube shelving

3. Use portable storage for space that’s adaptable

Loft bedrooms can often be multi-functional spaces. Once meant as an additional bedroom, over time they can evolve into storage rooms, games rooms and home offices. One way to create a spacious, functional space is through using portable storage. It can be moved instantly for easy organisation that reduces clutter.

Portable clothes rails and double rails

Portable clothes rails keep clothes organised and within easy reach. Much like wall-mounted rails, they maximise space in alcoves but they’re a more versatile option in a space that’s forever changing. Look out for heavy-duty styles that can hold a vast amount of clothing, and extendable options which make full use of available floor space.


4. Invest in hidden storage

What could be better than storage you can’t see? There are so many options for hidden storage, whether you’re just looking to store last season’s clothes or your once-loved now neglected camping gear. One of our favourites is a storage sofa bed; ideal for a guest bedroom or bedroom come office. This dual duty furniture saves space, while allowing room to store a whole host of household items.

sofa bed storage
vacuum storage bags


Place it against a sloping wall to give your room a cosy, relaxed feel. Maximise space further by utilising storage boxes for smaller items, or vacuum storage bags which can double the available storage. We can’t promise you’ll fit tent poles in there though.


vacuum storage bags


5. Create a feeling of space with low storage

Although floor to ceiling storage maximises available space, low loft storage shouldn’t be underestimated. In a small loft bedroom, using low storage below eye-level gives the illusion of more space. Low shelving units and drawers are the ideal size for storing most medium to small items, from office equipment to bedding and clothes.

Low storage is perfect for children’s bedrooms, ensuring their toys are all within reach. Or for multi-functional furniture like desks and dressing tables, where the surfaces can be utilised for displaying jewellery organisers and makeup storage. Choose light coloured low storage that matches your walls for a seamless, sleek décor.

shelving and drawer storage

We hope our top storage tips have given you some inspiration to maximise the space in your home. To explore the ideal storage and clothes rails for your loft bedroom, visit our extensive clothes rails and home storage collections.