Stylish Open Wardrobe Storage Ideas

By Sam Iontton25/01/2021

By Sam Iontton -25/01/2021

Stylish Open Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Over the past few years, open wardrobe storage has grown in popularity. What started as an interior design trend has since become a storage staple. There’s no doubting an open wardrobe isn’t for everyone. Hoarders be wary, but ditching your traditional wardrobe and opting for open bedroom storage can create a sleek, minimalist feel, and reduce clutter.

Before we explore our favourite open wardrobe storage ideas, we’ve looked at the pros and cons of going open plan.



Aside from creating a sleek and stylish look, open wardrobe storage can be incredibly practical. Research has shown that we tend to wear only 20% of our wardrobes and storing clothing out of site must be partly to blame. Without doors, all your possessions are easy to find and within easy reach. Having your possessions on show also discourages hoarding, motivating you to have that much needed clear out to keep what you genuinely love and wear.

Why should you choose open wardrobe storage?

  • Creates a stylish minimalist feel
  • Reduces clutter as you’re prompted to keep what you love
  • Possessions are easy to find and reach at all times
  • Less bulky to maximise space
  • Easy to take down and move for home movers and renters


While open wardrobes can look sleek and stylish, it’s highly dependent on your possessions, meaning it won’t work for everyone. If you have a vast collection of clothes in a small room, open clothes storage can look cluttered and untidy. Having too many clothes can make it just as challenging to find and reach things when you need them. If you also regularly wear a uniform or workwear, you’ll likely want to store these out of sight so you can relax and unwind at home.

Why should you avoid open clothes storage?

  • Vast collections of clothing can appear cluttered
  • Not suitable for workwear or uniforms
  • Old houses or rustic décor are well suited to conventional wardrobes
  • Must be able to hang clothes rails and shelving
  • Not an investment as resale price is lower than for furniture

Open Clothes Storage Ideas

When choosing the right storage for you, assessing what you own, and decluttering will help work out what bedroom storage you need. For a little inspiration, we’ve explored our favourite open wardrobe ideas.


White on White

Make your possessions the focal point with white clothes rails against a crisp, white backdrop. White on white gives a sense of space while creating a calming, minimalist feel that’s great for smaller rooms and rooms that lack natural light.

The key to making it striking is not to overload your clothes rails. Giving your clothes space lets the fabrics breathe and ensures your room doesn’t appear cluttered. Add more open clothes storage with white metal shelving to house smaller items or even decorative accessories.

white shelving
industrial clothes rack and rails

Industrial Style

An industrial rail will make a statement with its style and function. If you’re a fan of the mid-century modern scandi trend, you’re not alone. And research has shown that Scandinavian decor can add a whopping £340,000 to the value of your home. Yes, please!

An industrial hanging rail is a cheap and easy way to tap into the scandi trend. Pair scaffolding pipes with rustic wood shelving. Or for a versatile look, opt for an industrial clothing rack on wheels. It might not add value to your house, but it’s ideal for creating the sought after scandi look.

Floor to Ceiling

Particularly practical in small bedrooms, a bespoke floor to ceiling open wardrobe makes full use of available space. Either section off part of your room, or if space allows opting for wall-to-wall storage will maximise your storage capacity.

Start with a double-height clothes rail which works well for hanging all types of clothing. Then incorporate twin slot shelving which can be customised to fit your needs. This allows you to go as high as you need, with shelving at the ideal dimensions to hold smaller items, such as shoes, boots and bags.

wall mounted clothes rails
storage boxes and baskets, hanging clothes organisers

Little Accessories

The finishing touches will make all the difference to your open clothes storage. Look for coordinating baskets and storage boxes to tidy away smaller items. For extra practicality, we love stackable fabric storage boxes and designs with handles which make them easier to reach.

Storage baskets keep clutter and smaller items hidden away to ensure your open clothes storage remains sleek and tidy.

Maximising Space

One of the benefits of choosing open clothes storage is that it can fit almost any space. Assess your room for unused space and untapped potential. This could be above a chest of drawers or around your bed.

wall mounted shelving

Fitting open bedroom storage with existing furniture allows you to make full use of your space and belongings. Combining old with new also helps to add personality, for a unique style. Overbed storage doesn’t have to be old fashioned either. Build shelves into your walls to keep it modern.

If you’re feeling inspired, check out our extensive ranges of affordable clothes rails, storage and shelving. For more storage ideas and advice, explore our storage tips and inspiration in our home inspiration section.