Tips for organising your makeup

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Lucy Eagland

Everyone is different when it comes to their morning routine but we can all agree that time spent rummaging for that perfect shade of lipstick is wasted time. Personally, I am a snoozer so getting ready is all about efficiency. If I can’t find what I am looking for, I am either going to be late or rush out the door frustrated that I am not 100% ready. If you are the opposite and are up early to get prepped for the day, you don’t want to veer off schedule because of an untidy vanity table. Get your morning off to the right start with an organised and clutter free dresser with our top tips on how to organise your makeup.


makeup organisers and holders

  1. Clear out old products

Before you start organising your makeup collection, it’s best to have a good old spring clean as many people do not realise that makeup has an expiration date. Whilst they don’t come with “best by” dates, once a container is opened, it becomes vulnerable to bacteria. Powders have the longest life and can be safely kept for up to 2 years, whilst mascara and liquid eyeliners have the shortest and should be replaced every 3-4 months. Lip glosses should be disposed of every six months whereas lipsticks and foundations can last up to a year. Fake eyelashes can last between six months to a year but they should be regularly cleaned. Depending on the size of your collection, this may leave you with a lot of waste. However, there are ways to reduce the environmental impact of this by looking into different recycling schemes currently available. Some makeup brands, such as MAC, encourage customers to return containers by offering a free product for every six empties you bring back. There are also mail in schemes, such as Terracycle, which allow you to send off your old hair and beauty containers so that they can be recycled into new items; you can even earn points for each item you return which can then be gifted to charities or non-profits.

  1. Categorise your makeup

When you are getting ready, time is precious and knowing where everything is can save you a surprising amount of it. Organising or grouping your products not only makes it simpler to track down certain products, it also makes it easier to know exactly what you have. When everything is strewn in a drawer, it is quite possible to forget you have something and before you know it, it is out of date.


  1. Invest in good storage solutions

Acrylic is very popular for makeup storage and rightly so; the crystal clear construction means you can instantly spot what you want as you are able to see the whole item meaning there is no need to keep lifting items out to check the colour or brand. Quite a lot of makeup comes with attractive and sometimes extravagant packaging, therefore if you have invested in quality makeup, you will want to show them off, not hide them away. Another benefit of clear acrylic containers is that they won’t clash with your home décor and there’ll be no need to replace them if you decide to change your colour scheme. Larger acrylic display cubes allow you to group upright toiletries together and because they are fully sealed, they will protect your vanity or desk from stains and damage. Smaller cubes are perfect for makeup brushes or wand shaped items such as mascaras and lip-glosses.

If you prefer a more rustic look, wooden makeup storage units have a more scandi feel. Bamboo is a new eco-friendly choice that is growing in popularity; it is naturally strong and waterproof, meaning it can be used in both bedrooms and bathrooms.


  1. Make use of vertical space

When it comes to makeup storage for small spaces, you don’t have to fret; tiered acrylic risers and counter displays increase your space whilst taking up very little of it. Staggered levels mean that products aren’t hidden away behind others and with a quick glance you can spot exactly what you need. They come in a range of sizes so whether it is for a nail polish collection or an assortment of foundations, there is a storage solution for you.


  1. Make use of labelling

For increased efficiency, consider adding some cute labels to your acrylic storage. Chalk pens are a quick way to add identifiers and if you change your makeup setup, you can simply wash it off with water. If you would like something a little more detailed, you can purchase personalised stickers in a variety of styles and simply stick them onto the front.


  1. Prevent spillages

When you are in a rush, accidents can happen and there is nothing worse than using additional time to clear up spilled makeup, especially when this can be prevented. Non slip mats can be placed on top of your vanity, inside your dressing table drawers and in your acrylic storage units to prevent products slipping about. You can easily cut the material to size so there are no limits to where you can use it.


  1. Regularly clear and clean your collection

To keep your acrylic organisers in tip top shape, it is best to dust your containers and clear any smears and spillages off with a gentle cleaner at least once a month. We have all been guilty of it, you spring clean something once and then you forget about it until next year. To help keep your makeup organised, you will need to regularly clear out old products or you will soon end up with quite the stash again. Whilst you are cleaning your makeup storage, it is a great time to do a quick check of your makeup to see if any products need to be discarded.


With these makeup storage ideas you have all the information you need to give your dressing table a good old spring clean and give it the exposure it deserves. Don’t forget to tag us (@displaysense) on Instagram with your makeup makeovers!