10 Event Signage Ideas to Grab Attention At Your Event

By Sam Iontton08/07/2022

6 Event Signage Ideas to Grab Attention At Your Event

Effective signage is vital for any event, big or small. Signs serve many different important purposes at events, from providing key information and literature to attendees to promoting brands and services. Whatever type of sign you need, they have to stand out. Read on for the best indoor and outdoor event signage ideas to grab attention at your next event.

Why do you need event signage?

Firstly, you need to decide what the aim of your signage is. This will help you determine what type to choose. Common reasons for event signs include:


● Product or service advertisements

● Brand promotion

● Timings and event schedules

● Event information

● Venue map

● Health and safety warnings

Depending on your event, you’re likely going to need a variety of signage options for each different purpose. With this in mind, here are the best types of signs to consider and when to use them.


Types of Event Signage

1. Wall-mounted signs

Sometimes a venue may have limited floor space, or crowds of people can get in the way of floor signs. To avoid this problem and maximise the visibility of your signs, place them on the walls at eye level. Wall-mounted sign holders or snap frames are both great options. They’re perfect for displaying important event information at key points or for promotional posters. As they come in all shapes and sizes, they’re extremely versatile and can be used for multiple purposes.

2. A-board signs

A-boards are one of the best outdoor event signage ideas you can opt for, as they’re sturdy, hassle-free to put up and can fit a lot of information on them. You can use A-boards for marketing posters or for event information your attendees can refer to throughout your venue. Their portable design makes them great if you need to move them to a different location in your venue too. If you do use them as outdoor event signage, opt for a waterproof and wind-resistant sign.

A board pavement signs

3. Free-standing signs

Free-standing signs are an ideal option for indoor spots in your venue, such as foyers and entrances. Many free-standing sign holders are height adjustable and come in a variety of sizes – plus their portability means you can easily move them and re-use them for future events. They’re best for small promotional posters or for displaying event information.

4. Hanging banners

Hanging banners are another good way to keep your floor space clear. Not to mention, they’re hard to miss! These are fantastic for promotions and advertisements, as they really grab attention and can be seen from across the room. Graphics and slogans work best on these, so keep words to a minimum.

Freestanding Stands

5. Banner stands

Or, for a similar effect, opt for banner stands. These are just as attention-grabbing but may not be as visible across the room as hanging banners. On the flip side, they’re more easily erected and portable. Again, opt for imagery and snappy slogans here – these types of signs are best for promotional material rather than event information.

6. Table signs

And lastly, make the best use of your surface space with table signs. Table signs are ideal for exhibition stands to display promotional information to attendees, such as deals and offers. They also work well on reception desks or food and drink tables to provide event information or reiterate such things as social distancing guidelines.

countertop sign holders

Remember, think big when it comes to signs you really want to draw attention to. For promotional material or advertisements, opt for a size you can see across the room. Large signs with bold colours and graphics stand out the most.

 7. Flags


Flags are an exceptionally vibrant and dynamic choice for event signage, offering both visibility and versatility. Their tall, fluttering design ensures your message is seen from a distance, creating an inviting and festive atmosphere. Customisable in various sizes and styles, flags can be tailored to match your event's theme or brand identity, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Moreover, their ease of installation and portability make them a practical choice for both indoor and outdoor events, ensuring your brand or message stands out in any setting.

Custom printed flags

8. Gazebos

Gazebos offer a unique and functional addition to any event, serving as both an eye-catching signage opportunity and a practical space for attendees. Strategically placed, they can be adorned with vibrant graphics and your brand's logo, making them a focal point for gathering and information dissemination.

Custom printed gazebo

Their versatile nature allows for customisation to fit any event theme, creating an immersive and memorable experience for guests. Additionally, gazebos provide a sheltered area, ensuring your event remains impactful regardless of weather conditions, while still promoting your brand effectively.


9. Café barriers

Café barriers offer a stylish and practical solution for events, seamlessly blending branding opportunities with crowd control. These barriers not only demarcate specific areas within your event space but also serve as excellent platforms for displaying your brand or sponsors, ensuring high visibility in a sophisticated manner. Their versatility and ease of personalisation make them an indispensable tool in creating a cohesive, branded environment that guides and impresses your attendees.

 Custom printed café barriers

10. Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are a cornerstone of impactful event signage, offering a unique opportunity to creatively showcase your brand and engage directly with attendees. These versatile displays can be customised to fit any space and theme, turning a simple booth into an immersive and interactive experience. From bold graphics and innovative designs to integrated technology, well-crafted exhibition stands are key in drawing crowds and leaving a lasting impression at any event.

Locations for event signage

Once you’ve chosen the best types of indoor and outdoor signage ideas, make sure you’re placing your signs in high traffic areas so they have maximum visibility. The best spots include:

● Entrances and exits

● Queueing points

● Toilets

● Smoking areas

● Bars

● Conference rooms

● Lobbies and foyers

● Stairs and lifts

High traffic locations for event signage

Don’t forget; these locations should also have clear signage, so your customers know all the key areas of your venue.

For more types of event signage, explore our full range of literature and information holders here at Displaysense.