How to Compete With Online Retailers In-Store

By Sam Iontton24/11/2022

By Sam Iontton - 24/11/2022

The rise of e-commerce has seen many brick-and-mortar businesses looking for ways to compete with their online counterparts. But how can brick-and-mortar stores compete with online retailers? At Displaysense, we have collated our essential tips and tricks for business owners to ensure they don’t fall behind.



Utilise convenience and proximity

One of the advantages of having a physical store is that you can tap into the convenience and speed of your proximity to your customers. Customers can be impatient, and waiting for online orders can be a negative experience that puts people off from purchasing through e-commerce sites.

You can use this to your advantage and emphasise the purchase speed of your physical store through your brand messaging. Use banner stands and pavement signs to make your presence visible to passing foot traffic. This will ensure that potential customers know products are available and that you are on hand for consumers to purchase products quickly and hassle-free.

Click and collect

You can offer a click-and-collect service if you have an online presence and want your customers to enter your store. This reduces the time the customer has to wait for their items, and once they are in store, you can use this as an opportunity to upsell. It is also an opportunity for the customer to get a taste of the in-store experience and for your staff members to offer product knowledge and personalisation that the customer wouldn’t get online.


Google My Business

Another way to compete with online retailers is by setting up your business on Google My Business, which allows customers to search for you online and find relevant information such as an address, phone number, online reviews and more. Setting up your store on Google My Business is easy, and you can get started by claiming your Business Profile on Google. Establishing this information online can help users locate your premises who are looking for an in-store experience, and you can entice them by showing off images of your store. Customers can also post reviews and testimonials for your business on your Google My Business page; this can be particularly helpful if you offer a world-class in-store experience and want to attract potential customers for your services.


Book store appointments online

An online presence doesn’t limit users from entering your store – you can use it to your advantage. You can create an online appointment booking system where customers can select a time slot to visit your store. This creates an exclusive feel and will allow you to create a positive customer experience and show off the product knowledge and care that your staff already have.

Train your staff in customer service and experience

Utilising your workforce can be one of the most valuable assets for attracting customers to your store. Training your staff in customer service and product knowledge will help them create an unforgettable experience that will make customers want to return to your store repeatedly.

This is where having expert knowledge of the products can benefit your customers, and providing insights into the pairing of products can help with upselling. It will also make the customer feel like they are having a truly personal experience with your brand, and cultivating these relationships will encourage repeat customers.


Price matching

Another tip you can use to encourage customers to head in-store is price matching with your online competitors. This pricing strategy will entice customers to visit your store and save on delivery costs. Allowing customers to purchase products at a price they want, at the time they want them, will eliminate any roadblocks to purchasing.

If you are looking for more ways to price your products, make sure that you check out our guide on how to price a product for retail for all the best tips and tricks to create a pricing strategy that works for you and your customers.

Create a showroom

One of the best ways to encourage customers to enter your store is by creating a visually appealing space. Creating a space that impresses your customers will also help with word-of-mouth recommendations and help create an air of exclusivity and buzz around your premises.

If you are looking for ways to upgrade your premises and transform the space into a showroom, you can introduce a range of products and display merchandising. Consider showcasing products in display cabinets or create a visually striking experience with mannequins. Combining a range of display merchandising techniques, helpful staff with a wide knowledge of products and experience in customer service will enhance your customer experience and create a space that customers are excited to enter.

This works particularly well for retail, especially for the fashion industry. By constantly updating the premises with new product lines, you can continue to craft a space that evolves with your brand and your customers' needs.



Create an online store

Not having an online presence or e-commerce store in the current age will only hinder your success. Creating an online store doesn’t have to be difficult and can help you to create sales and grow as a business. Relying solely on your brick-and-mortar store is not enough in the digital age when users are used to shopping online. You should use your premises as an extension of your online store and build a marketplace that will assist the growth of your brand.

This will also help you to widen your target audience and sell to a lot more people in a way that is inexpensive to your budget. Purchasing online space is not as expensive as a brick-and-mortar store, and the potential benefits and profits from establishing an online store can be far greater.

Visual merchandising with Displaysense

To give your customers the best experience possible, browse through the selection of display and merchandising equipment that will help equip your premises with items that customers find appealing. Opt for display cabinets to showcase products in a visually striking way, or if you want to show off your latest fashion line, why not explore the range of mannequins available?