Market Stall Display Ideas to Grab Attention

By Sam Iontton09/08/2022


When setting up your market stall display, the layout and visual aspects can make or break whether you have a stall with queues around the block or if you’re begging for customers. With our tips and tricks to improve your stall's display, you'll soon be grabbing customers' attention at every market. Check out our full list of market stall display ideas below that will help you stand out from your competition at your next local market.



1. Chalkboards

We understand that a market stall can offer various goods depending on the day and that stock may sell quickly. A chalkboard is a great investment for your market stall display as you can easily amend your promotions. Chalkboards draw in passersby, and if you have a creative hand – you can create a design that is artistic and attractive for free.


A Boards

A Boards are a great way to create a charming and vintage look for your market stall and can be used outdoors and indoors. They are a great way to deliver messages to passersby, and the structure's double-sided nature means you have double the space to get your message across.

Wind-resistant chalkboards

British weather can be unpredictable, and if you’re looking for a chalkboard that can handle strong winds, you’re in the right place. heavy duty chalkboards offer you peace of mind that your sign won’t fall and be damaged, which is important if you have a market stall during the autumn and winter months.



Countertop chalkboards

Tabletop chalkboards are a great way to show off your product offering at a market stall. Having a selection of countertop chalkboards to signify the names of your products is an eye-catching and convenient way for customers to tell you what they want to buy.

Countertop chalkboards

2. Risers

Risers are a great way to show off your products on your display, and if you have multiple items that you want to sell, it can be a great way for customers to indicate the specific product they want to purchase.

By utilising specific products on risers, you will have a tidy market stall which will look appealing to customers. You can show off your full range of products and have a backlog of stock to sell that isn’t on display to marketgoers.





3. Clear displays

If you run a food stall at a market, you'll want to ensure that your goods don't become contaminated and that they're displayed for the public to see. One way to combine the two is with clear displays, which will eliminate the possibility of flies contaminating your goods and allow those at the market to see your products.

Designed to hold baked goods, a countertop food display will allow you to show off how appealing your products are due to the clear yet sturdy casing. The removable shelving will allow you to restock your products as soon as they sell out, making it the perfect addition to any busy market stall.



4. Display your products on a mannequin

If you are a craft stall or sell accessories on your stall, a mannequin can be an eye-catching way to showcase your products. Mannequins help your customers visualise what the products on your stall will look like when worn. If you have a craft stall, this visualisation can be valuable to the customer and give them enough motivation to purchase from you.



5. Use mesh walls

Mesh walls are a great way to show off a range of products at craft market stalls, and once you have secured your products to the wall, you can easily manoeuvre them from location to location. Fully customisable, mesh walls are great if you want to show off a range of products or attract customers with some of your brighter and more visually appealing items.

Typically suited toward craft and clothing stalls, a mesh wall can be a great way to show your product diversity, but it takes a bit more effort when visually merchandising your stall. When creating your mesh wall, you don’t have to include just products you sell; you can also incorporate signage and sale messaging to attract customers to your stall.



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