The Best (And Worst) Delivery Services

By Sam Iontton16/12/2022

With an average of 4,171 million packages sent last year in the UK, it’s clear that a lot of us depend on delivery services. From Evri to UPS, the people responsible for delivering our parcels are vital to the smooth running of our lives. However, how dependable are the delivery services that we use? Well, let’s find out!

We’ve taken to Trustpilot armed with a list of the most common delivery services that we use across the UK and looked at their reviews and overall score to find out which one customers think is best. So, whether you’re looking for the safest delivery for your latest online purchase or a new business partner, we’re here to make sure you’re getting the best quality delivery!

The Top 5 Most Complained About Delivery Services


On the other end of the scale, we have DPD which, according to Trustpilot reviews, is the most praised delivery service. Overall, DPD UK has 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars, with 83% of 5 star reviews. Customers have praised DPD on their timely deliveries, polite drivers and accommodating customer services. Although DPD has received some negative reviews, they always take the time to reply to them in less than 24 hours where possible.

2. Evri

Evri seems to have recovered from the slightly bad reputation they had when they were known as Hermes. Trustpilot reviewers have gained them an overall score of 4.2, with 78% 5 star reviews. The majority of these reviews praise an update that involves providing one hour time slots for deliveries and polite drivers that follow different delivery instructions without complaint. Although recent reviews are mixed, Evri’s overall Trustpilot review page shows a trusted delivery company.

3. APC Overnight

APC Overnight specialises in next day delivery and is currently the UK’s largest independent delivery network. And, if Trustpilot reviews are anything to go by, it seems they’ve earnt that title! APC Overnight has a total of 4.2 stars, made up from 73% of 5 star reviews. Overall, APC Overnight has received praise for quick delivery times, efficiency and friendly service.

4. Yodel

Yodel is one of the UK’s most well-known parcel delivery services, and perhaps it’s one of our most favoured too. Trustpilot reviewers have given Yodel an overall score of 3.9 stars, with 74% of these reviews rating them 5 star. These happy reviewers praise Yodel for their polite service, accurate tracking, timely delivery and well-working app.

5. InPost UK

Although you may not have heard of InPost, this parcel locker service is beginning to pop up all around the country. And many customers seem to love it! Happy Trustpilot reviewers have contributed to InPost UK’s overall scored of 3.9 stars with 65% of 5 star reviews. Although it’s a relatively new service in the UK, past customers have complimented the company’s customer service team, convenience, speed and ease of use.

The Best (And Worst) Delivery Services

Here are all the delivery services that we looked at, ranked from best to worst. You can see their number of reviews and overall TrustPilot score off the back of these reviews.


We based this piece off the delivery services listed on Trustpilot with the highest number of reviews. On the Trustpilot page for each of the delivery services listed in this piece, we looked at their number of reviews, percentage of reviews from 1* - 5* and overall score based on these reviews.

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