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By Sam Iontton02/05/2023
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By Sam Iontton - 26/01/2022

For many of us, working from home has now become the norm. When the lockdown was first announced, lots of people made do with working on the sofa or makeshift desks. But this setup is less than ideal – especially if you have to share a space with someone else!

If that sounds familiar and working from home is a long-term prospect for you, it might be time to reassess your home office furniture. Need a workspace fit for two? Read on for our top shared home office space ideas that will maximise productivity while reducing distractions and clutter.

Shared home office ideas to try

Split the room

When sharing an office, you may want to feel like you still have your own space. One of our favourite two desk home office ideas is to clearly distinguish between your work zones.

One way you can do this is by placing your desks on either side of the room – ideally so that your chairs are back-to-back. This way, you each have a side to call your own and have some distance from each other. You can go as far as using a room divider to create a clearly defined partition. Or be clever with the space and opt for something like cubic shelves in the middle that double as storage space.

office space at dining room table

Splitting the room like this works well even if you don’t have a designated office space. If you’re working from your bedroom or living room, it’s a great way to create a sense of two separate spaces: one for working, and the other for your downtime.

Share a long desk

Or, if you want to maximise floor space in your office and don’t mind sharing, opt for a single long desk that runs the length of one wall, or push two together. If you’re short on square footage, this might help to make your room feel bigger and make the best use of space.

sharing deskspace

This also works well if you don’t have a designated office. If one of your living areas doubles as your workspace during the week, slotting a long desk along a wall can create a more streamlined look and will take up less space than two desks positioned apart.

Get desks with storage

If you have to share a space, desks with in-built storage are the best option for keeping things clutter-free and ensuring you each have a place to store your documents and stationery. A cupboard between you is also a great way to separate your two working spaces.

filing cabinet

If your desks don’t come with built-in cabinets or shelves, fit a simple filing cabinet between them, or opt for a small one under each desk.

Push your desks back-to-back

Having your desks side by side is one option, but one of the best two desk home office ideas for smaller rooms is pushing your desks back-to-back. Depending on the dimensions of your room, this can be a real space saver.

back to back office desks

If your desks don’t fit easily next to each other, you may find this setup works well and helps free up more space in the rest of your office.

Ensure furniture matches

One of the most important aspects of a shared office is creating a space that feels cohesive. Your office should feel well put-together, and a mix-match of styles thrown in won’t create that look. The best way to do this is to match your furniture – or at least ensure it’s a similar style and material.

matching office furniture

This includes your desks and your chairs. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but ensuring they complement each other is key to creating a smart and cohesive space. Different wood finishes or clashing colours will make your space feel disjointed and more cluttered. If you can’t match them exactly, opt for similar shapes, colours and textures to ensure your room has one interior style.

Psychologically, this will help your office feel more like a professional, productive space suited to long-term working.

Opt for a rectangular table

If you don’t have space for a designated office, a dining table can be a great solution. But if you’re sharing this space, it can be tricky. The shape and size of your dining table can make a big difference.

rectangular table as office desk

The best way to feel like you each have enough room is to opt for a rectangular table if your space allows for it. Circular tables can feel smaller and more cramped – but sitting at opposite ends of a rectangular table will give you both more space suited for a long-term home working arrangement.

Whether it’s a desk tucked away in a corner or a designated office space, if you need to revamp your shared workspace, these home office for two design ideas will help you create a smart, organised space you can both enjoy.

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