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Desk Sneeze Guard

Our desk divider screen options will ensure your staff and customers are kept safe and protected from the risk of infection. Suitable for retail stores, office desks, salons, restaurants and more, our desk sneeze screens are portable and removable giving you full flexibility. Choose from a range of sizes, including 1000mm sneeze guards, offering both full protection and designs with windows. We're confident you'll find desk-mounted sneeze guards to fit your requirements here at Displaysense. For signage options, check out our social distancing signs or create an ideal workspace with our home office equipment.

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Desk Sneeze Guard

Desk Sneeze Guards

Sneeze screens for counters are transparent barriers that are placed on desks to provide protection against germs. These guards act as a physical barrier, preventing direct contact between individuals while allowing for visual interaction and communication. They have become increasingly popular in various settings such as offices, schools, and customer service areas, as they offer a simple yet effective way to maintain a safer and healthier environment.

If you’re looking to make your establishment a safer place for your employees and customers, our hygiene screens for desks are perfect. By implementing desk sneeze guards, businesses demonstrate a commitment to the well-being of everyone in their establishment, gaining a sense of trust and reassurance in these uncertain times.

When determining where to place a counter top sneeze screen, it is essential to consider the purpose of the screen and the nature of the space. Ideally, the sneeze screen should be positioned between individuals who interact face-to-face or in close proximity, such as on a shared desk or counter. It should be strategically placed to provide a physical barrier that helps minimise the spread of germs whilst allowing for clear communication and visibility. This can be at a reception or between desks to suit your needs.

Our protection screens for desks are constructed from a lightweight shatterproof acrylic that is effortless to manoeuvre whilst being strong and reliable additions to your home. Some of our screens include a lightweight aluminium frame that is incredibly durable and allows it to withstand daily use.

We have a wide variety of desk sneeze guard options available which allows you to find the most suitable for your establishment. We have options with borders and some without, allowing you to display extra messages or create a seamless depending on your preference. Some of our screens can stand alone whilst others require clamps to stay in place.

Easy to move and extremely hard-wearing, our counter sneeze guard range is suitable for busy areas and use daily which makes them ideal for a business or office setting. Creating a safe environment will help put both employees and customers at ease and have a more pleasant experience in your establishment.

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