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Sneeze Guards


Our sneeze guard collection will protect your staff and customers against Covid-19 and other viruses. Explore counter sneeze screens available in various sizes and designs to use as food screens and restaurant screens and for retail stores and offices. Discover our range of floor standing sneeze screens up to 1000mm wide and 2000mm high for extra protection. Our Perspex and acrylic sneeze screens shield people without restricting vision. For flexible environments, such as in restaurants, market stalls or salons, choose from a selection of portable sneeze guards. For a more permanent solution, such as at tills, bakeries and other customer-facing businesses, we stock designs with floor, table and ceiling attachments. Our range of sneeze screens and guards offers a practical and effective solution to keep people safe.

What Is a Sneeze Guard?

Sneeze guards are extremely valuable, protecting employees and customers from any unwanted germs. A must-have when you require communication between people regularly, preventing the spread of infection through coughs and sneezes.

As a business, you want both your employees and customers to feel and be as safe as possible. A sneeze screen, whether that be on a desk, on a shop till, or any other location can prevent the possibility of infection, improving the shopping experience.

Sneeze screens are not a requirement; however, they are a good choice for businesses that wish to keep their employees and customers safe and at ease. This is a particularly good idea if there is food around to protect them from any germs.

Once you buy sneeze guards, you should place them between where an interaction between two or more people is likely to take place. An example of this is positioning your Perspex screens on shop counters for protection between the employee and customer when checking out.

Our selection of countertop and floor-standing hygiene screens provides you with options to suit your environment. We stock clear acrylic sneeze guards in a range of sizes to suit desks, open workspaces, retail stores, and many more spaces to ensure safety.

Our covid screens are constructed from plastic such as plexiglass, PVC, acrylic, and Perspex. These materials are more durable and provide a clearer appearance than glass designs. Some of our desk guards have wooden, metal, and plastic designs.

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