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Shoe Storage


We love them, we wear them, we collect them - and more often than not we have too many of them. Shoes are easily accumulated, and they can soon start to cause clutter. Here at Displaysense, you’ll discover an impressive selection of shoe storage solutions that are the perfect fit anywhere from your home to retail outlets, gyms and studios. From robust racks and versatile benches to complete cabinets, our range of shoe storage products offer all the compartments and space you need to stow away your shoes, however large your collection or stock, or however numerous your visitors. A shoe and coat rack is the perfect addition to your hallway, and we also offer a wide range of clothes organisers to help keep your home tidy and uncluttered.

Shoe Racks & Organisers

Protect your footwear and present them in style with our excellent range of shoe racks. Whether you have only a few shoes, a large collection, or want to cater for your whole family, we’ve got you covered.

With the cost of footwear ever-increasing, it is important that you take good care and find the right shoe storage. Our racks reliably hold your shoes and reduce the chance of them getting dirty, damaged, or lost. Not only are these extremely practical additions, but they are attractive additions that add a lot of aesthetic value to your home.

Selecting the ideal shoe rack depends on your space and needs. Consider factors like size, style, and material. Stackable or wall-mounted racks save space, while open designs offer easy access. Wooden and metal racks blend with various decors. Prioritize functionality and aesthetics to find the perfect fit for your home.

Using it as hallway shoe storage is the most common and logical place for a shoe rack to be as that’s likely where you’ll be putting your shoes on as you leave and taking them off as you come in. Alternatively, you can place shoe cabinets in your bedroom or spare room if you’d prefer. A covered shoe rack will protect your items and ensure their quality is maintained.

We stock both black and white shoe rack frames with some including a shelf on top for extra storage. With a range of shoe rack levels to pick from, you should evaluate how many shoes you’re planning to place on it to ensure you get the right one. If you’re short on space and have a large number of shoes, you can get our set of 2 stackable shoe racks.

It goes without saying that shoes belong on a shoe rack, but you should position them in a specific way, whether that’s by size, colour, or frequency of use. If you have a coat and shoe rack, then you can add a range of garments other than footwear to your unit. If your unit has a shelf attached, you can use it to store daily necessities such as keys or more decorative items like flowers.

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