How to organise your kitchen cupboards

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023

By Displaysense's Lucy Eagland

An untidy kitchen can cause a huge amount of stress, especially if you have to frantically search for an item or struggle to find any space to work because your worktops are cluttered. A thorough spring clean is a great opportunity to clear your kitchen cupboards of dated products and rethink their organisation.


kitchen cupboard organisation

Make mealtime’s easier with a tidy and organised kitchen that allows you to work without unnecessary hassle by following these simple kitchen organisation tips:

1. Clean it out
It may seem incredibly daunting to completely remove everything from your cupboards but by doing this, it will be a lot easier to see where your storage needs are lacking and will help you to devise a better layout. Whilst clearing them out, you may come across out of date food that has been pushed or knocked to the back and simply forgotten about. When throwing these items out, remember to remove food from its packaging to put into your food waste and recycle any other suitable materials. Once everything is removed, it will be a lot easier to have a good deep clean of the shelves and remove any food debris or dirt that will have accumulated over time.
2. Group items together
Now you can easily see everything you have, it is time to start grouping them. Collect items of a similar purpose together and try to find food products that would naturally sit together. For example, it makes sense to place all baking utensils and tools together so your next bake will be a piece of cake!

3. Design your storage space

When looking at your storage space, it is best to place those items that you use most regularly in the easy to reach spots. Save yourself the struggle of reaching over things by placing items like chopping boards or salt and pepper grinders’ front and centre. Items that are rarely used should be located in the harder to reach spots. High shelves and deep cupboards are ideal spots for food processors and crockpots.

4. Save space with glass jars and containers

Store bought packaging is often bulky and oversized meaning it will take up far too much space in your cupboard. They are not particularly sturdy and can easily rip or break, leaving you with the frustrating task of clearing your kitchen cupboard of scattered rice grains. Glass jars are not only fantastic space savers but they are highly durable and many come with airtight lids which will keep your food fresh for longer. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different food types and an assortment of styles so you can find the right one to fit your décor.

5. Contain the clutter with baskets and boxes

Tins and jars can easily take over a cupboard, especially if you are a fan of bulk buying. To keep these items from spreading you can contain them in storage boxes. If you invest in clear plastic storage boxes you can easily see what is inside and by adding labels, family members or guests will also be able to find what they are looking for. Loose snack items, like crisps, are best placed in storage baskets. You can keep them organised and you’ll be able to spot when you need to restock with a quick glance. Shallow plastic storage baskets are also great for storing sauces that may sit on worktops and shelves as they will act as drip tray to catch any spillages and keep your surfaces safe from damage.

6. Add extra shelving and drawers

Now you are ready to refill your cupboards, you may spot additional opportunities to improve your kitchen storage. If you have particularly tall shelves which leave you with a lot of unused space, why not make use of shelf organisers. They are incredibly strong and will allow you take full advantage of the cupboard height, instantly doubling your storage space. They are ideal for stacking crockery, glassware or food items such as tins and spices. If your shelves aren’t quite tall enough to accommodate an additional shelf but you could still make better use of the space, acrylic risers are a handy option. Not only do they provide you with additional space to store products but tiered displays will also allow you to see everything you have in one go.

If you have deep cupboards, you can also increase your storage space with drawer organisers. They can be used to store anything from food to cleaning products and as they are not fixed, you can simply remove them from the cupboard for cleaning or reorganisation. They are also the perfect shape for under sink storage which is an often overlooked and underused space.

7. Add hooks and rails

It can be easy to think that your storage needs end once your food and utensils are back in the kitchen cupboards but you will always find items that don’t have an obvious home. Tea towels and oven gloves are kitchen essentials but aren’t always shown the greatest of respect. Over the door hangers and hooks ensure that these items are easily accessible and allow you to dry your towels efficiently.

8. Make more counter space

Sometimes we don’t have quite enough counter space and it can be frustrating when you are limited to a small area but worktop savers and splashbacks are an ingenious solution for this very problem. These can be placed over (turned off) hobs and sinks to create additional space for chopping and prepping food.

It may be a large task but making efficient use of your kitchen space will have a huge impact on your everyday life and put the fun back into cooking. No matter what storage space you have, these kitchen storage ideas will help you make the most of it. Don’t forget to tag @displaysense on Instagram in your kitchen makeover!