10 Coffee Shop Design Ideas

By Liam Sumner01/09/2023

Being such a competitive field, it can be a treacherous avenue to venture down this path for a new business. Finding the balance between making sure you stand out whilst still appealing to as many people as possible can be tricky. Every coffee shop should have a few fundamentals to ensure success including having a convenient location, good products, and an inviting atmosphere. Without getting the basics right you’ll struggle to find any level of success in this high opportunity market. However, with the correct design of your establishment and brand, you can attract many caffeine lovers regularly. Coffee shops used to be seen as a stop-and-go location whereas numerous people turned to them for working and socialising every week.

10 Coffee Shop Design Ideas

 1. Theme

If your coffee shop has a specific theme or style, you can target a specific audience and design your store around that. There has been a recent rise of cat cafes that allow customers to enjoy a beverage and sweet treat whilst surrounded by and able to interact with their newly found feline friends. Not only does this create a wonderfully desirable environment for cat lovers, but they also work with shelters and rescues to give them superb human interaction as well as adoption prospects. Whilst they are becoming more common, they still have a unique appeal that draws a specific audience in, allowing these cafes to tailor their design. Other distinctive themed coffee shops include jungle, board games, and sewing, all designed to attract a certain group of people and give customers a unique coffee shop experience. If you feel like there is a gap in the market and wide enough appeal to suit your coffee shop theme, then you should design it in a way that will appeal to and suit their needs. However, if your niche is too small, you are going to find it difficult to see enough customers visit every day. Doing the market proper research can allow you to judge whether your idea will be successful or not.


 2. Niche

If you don’t plan on implementing a specific theme, you should still aim to make your coffee shop stand out and memorable. You can do this in several ways from your branding, décor choice, or product range. Making these things unique to your store will help differentiate you from your competition and give your customers something they haven’t seen before. Breaking down these areas is a good idea, keeping in mind that you don’t need to make all of these completely individual, as using other successful businesses in your field as inspiration is something you should do.


 3. Branding

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business and if you get to nail it, you’ll be on the right path toward success. If you have a unique aspect to your shop, you can tailor your brand towards this but if not, you still have to figure out who your target demographic is. You need to consider the colour scheme, logo, and methods of interacting with customers. It is important to commit to a specific style and be consistent with it as this will allow you to be more recognisable and gain trust with customers. Ideally you want to try and make your customers feel as if they’re part of an exclusive club when they enter or receive communication from your coffee shop. It’s all about creating a feeling and relationship with customers through your brand and done right it can lead to a positive image around your business that consistently attracts customers who trust you.

 Coffee Shop branding


 4. Décor

The type of items you fill your physical store with can have a massive impact on how your customers feel when they visit. The primary aim of a coffee shop is to be comfortable and relaxing, allowing customers to take a step back from their busy daily life. It can set the mood for your establishment and play a big role in how your customers feel whilst there.


 5. Furnishings

Pleasant seating such as sofas and armchairs can give your shop a homely feel that will help put customers at ease, encouraging them to potentially stay longer and return. Alternatively, benches and booths will work well and allow you to fit more people in. Using a variety of seating and table options can not only improve the store an aesthetic but cater to different preferences and group sizes. You should ensure all furniture is in good quality and regularly cleaned to avoid a dirty seat or a wonky table which can lead to an unhappy customer.


 6. Layout

When it comes to where you place things within your coffee shop you should consider how this will affect both customers and staff. You should aim to make things as convenient as possible for both parties, with a focus on safety, comfort, and accessibility. There should be an area to queue up at the till that doesn’t impact the rest of your customers, with this usually being at the front of the store so waiting customers can queue outside if it gets really busy. You should think about how easy it is to get to each part of your store and whether those in wheelchairs or with prams would struggle in any way.


Coffee Shop Artwork

 7. Artwork

A commonplace in coffee shops, the artwork gives your customers something interesting to look at and adds to the overall ambience of the store which provides personality and a specific style. This is usually seen through wall art to make the space more cosy and friendly. It helps if this artwork is memorable or related to the area such as a beach hut painting if you’re in a seaside town. You don’t want to overload your shop with pieces of art otherwise it can make the space look cluttered and disorganised, so finding that balance is crucial.


 8. Plants

Plants are an excellent way of purifying the air and creating a relaxing environment which is ideal for a coffee shop environment. These should be carefully placed around your establishment to create a welcoming space that your customers enjoy being in. If you’re lacking in space, think about using shelves to display greenery or garlands that can be attached to the wall.


 9. Seasonal Décor

Decorating your shop for seasonal occasions is a great idea, getting your customers in the mood for a particular festivity. This can be for Christmas, Halloween, or a special event that you’re hosting, drawing a great deal of interest from people who might not have previously known about you. Being a place where many go to complete work, it is important that you include convenient charging points so those customers who need them aren’t required to leave your shop to continue with what they’re doing.


 10. Signage

Having correct and attractive signage that informs customers without any confusion can help make their experience with you more streamlined and pleasant. This can be where things are within the store, the menu, or any upcoming activities. Acrylic notice holders are great for this as they protect your insert and allow you to get your message or instructions across quickly and effectively.

 Coffee Shop Signage


The design of your coffee shop is vital and can be the difference between success and failure. Standing out in a competitive market requires creativity and attention to detail when it comes to branding, décor, and layout. By implementing a unique theme or niche, a coffee shop can attract a specific audience and design its store accordingly. Meanwhile, creating a consistent and recognizable brand, choosing the right furnishings and artwork, and incorporating plants can help differentiate a coffee shop from its competition, create a relaxing environment, and build customer loyalty. Ultimately, a successful coffee shop should provide a memorable and enjoyable experience that keeps customers coming back for more.


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