6 Creative Summer Display Ideas for Retail

By Sam Iontton10/08/2022

Attracting customers to your store with a creative display is a great way to utilise the passing footfall in the summer. The benefits of having an engaging and creative shop window display are plenty and, when executed correctly, can be a great way for your retail business to gain brand exposure.

6 Creative Summer Display Ideas for Retail



Summer display window ideas for your retail store

As customers pass your store, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention - that's why you need a summer display that turns heads.

What are the benefits of having a summer display window, and how do you create one that is successful? Keep reading our guide, which will give you the details on what you can do, why you should do it and how to create the perfect summer display window.



What are the benefits of creating a summer display window?

Even though store displays require a lot of thought and preparation, there are many benefits to creating a visually appealing display window for your storefront, which we have outlined below

  • Increase brand awareness - customers notice things around them, including effort and attention to detail. By gaining a reputation as a store with a creative display, you can gain brand recognition and awareness in your local community.
  • Increase footfall - window displays are a key factor influencing a customer's decision to enter a store. By creating a great visual, you will attract potential passers-by, and if your display is good enough, it may even attract people by word of mouth.
  • Promote offers and sales - a window display can be a notifier for your customers about an upcoming sale or promotion in your store.
  • Show off your product offering - show off your exclusive or diverse product range in your summer window display and let your potential customers know about the different types of things available that they may not know about.



What are the benefits of creating a summer display window?


Tips for creating a summer window display

Coming up with an idea for a creative and engaging summer window display can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these consideration points and tips, and you will be on to a winning display idea that is perfect for your brand.

Consider your customer: You should know your customers better than anyone else. Finding out what makes them tick and what they want to see when they shop is a valuable insight and one that you shouldn’t ignore.

Are your customers creative? Do they want to see a story from your summer window display? Or are your customers more interested in deals and bargains? Identifying what they want to see can help create an effective display, so why not ask some of your regular customers for their insight.

Learn more about the different types of customers and their behaviours by reading our blog 5 Common Types of Customers & Their Different Needs.

Tips for creating a summer window display

What is in eyeline?: When a customer passes your store, you only have a few seconds to draw them in. Product placement at eye level is crucial when organising your display window. Make sure you consider the positioning of your product and its price points in the window for a successful display.

Interactivity: Depending on the budget you have for your shop window, you may want to create an interactive and engaging display. You can achieve this through props that move, video screens and touch screens. Customers are intelligent, and if you are a retail store with high consideration items, it is worth spending a little more to impress your customers.

Utilising your online store: If you have an e-commerce store, you may want to direct users online to give them the best experience. To do this, add QR codes to your storefront window, which take users to your online store. You may find this useful if you have limited opening hours or wish to expand your online presence.

Keep reading to see some of our favourite summer store window displays to take inspiration from.



1. Styled summer mannequins

Summer is the perfect time to create a vibrant aesthetic for your retail store window. You can achieve this by showcasing your colourful collections of mannequins against contrasting or complementing backgrounds and props.

Styled summer mannequins

Creating something similar can look super stylish, and if you are handy with a paintbrush, it can be a cost-effective way to merchandise your store window. Paint MDF boards and place them decoratively throughout the space, but make sure that the focus is on the mannequins and, ultimately, the products.

One thing to consider when incorporating summer-styled mannequins is the colour scheme of the clothing displayed in comparison to the other props. You want the colours of the clothing to stand out and take centre stage, as opposed to the vibrant colours overpowering your product offering.



2. Evoke emotion with a slogan

Sometimes, the most effective summer retail window displays are simple but have a strong message or theme.

Evoke emotion with a slogan

Evoking emotion from passers-by with a simple slogan can be a useful tactic when creating your summer store window display. Using this tactic can often double up as a social media campaign; if your summer window retail display stands out enough, you may find that people come and take pictures with it to post on their social media.



3. Keep it simple

When deciding on summer display ideas, you don’t have to cram your window with items from your shelves. Sometimes, keeping it simple and letting the summer collection do the talking can be a minimalist and stylish way to organise your summer window.

Keep it simple window display

If you often have a busy store, having a simple and clear window will allow passing footfall to see your store's popularity and entice them inside to see what all of the buzz is about.

Make sure you show off your entire retail collection to passers-by with male mannequins, female mannequins and even child mannequins.



4. Incorporate summer props

Your store display doesn’t have to be exclusively used to push your products to customers; you can use it to inspire feelings in those passing.

Incorporate summer props

Embrace the summer season by using summer-themed props in your window. This could include vibrant flower walls, props such as oversized sunglasses, and if you feel extra creative, why not try sand on the floor. These elements can inspire and excite customers about their plans for the summer and encourage impulsive purchases.



5. Promote discounts

If discounts influence your customers, showing off a high-value sale messaging can effectively increase sales and utilise your store display.

Promote discounts in window display

Avoid using this type of display for extended periods, as having a long-running promotion on display can negatively impact your reputation in customers' eyes. It can be useful for flash sales and is often a cost-effective way to promote your sale if you have heavy foot traffic passing through the store.



6. Use multi-level boxes and platforms

Get creative with your summer store display idea and use multi-level risers, blocks and plinths to showcase your product offering. Using risers and display bridges is a great way to draw the eye line of passers-by into your store. Use different products to create a multi-level display that draws customers into your retail space to explore further.

Use multi-level boxes and platforms




Get started with your summer window display today

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