6 Stockroom Storage Ideas to Keep You Organised

By Sam Iontton15/02/2021

Stockroom Storage Ideas to Keep You Organised

It’s easy for stockrooms to become messy. After all, they’re where you store hundreds of different products! There are always deliveries to unpack with new items to find space for.

However, a disorganised stockroom could be making your job harder than it needs to be.

Simply locating the right item for a customer can take far longer than necessary. Having to sift through piles of products and navigate your way around teetering piles of boxes could result in an avalanche of miscellaneous stock!

Sound familiar? Read on for some simple yet effective stockroom storage ideas. By keeping you organised, we can make your life easier this year.


1. Save space with shelving

If your stockroom needs an overhaul, shelving is the first place to start. Tall shelves mean you can utilise vertical space, which will help to keep the floor clear. To maximise your room’s storage capacity, invest in multi-tiered heavy duty metal shelving options. You’ll be amazed at how much more floor space you have!

Save space with Metal shelving

As well as being top of the list of stockroom storage ideas, shelves also help keep the stockroom safe. Keeping stock off the floor reduces tripping hazards and ensures an easy exit in case of an emergency.

2. Stock up on storage boxes

To organise your stock, you’ll need to stock up on storage boxes. Bigger items of stock might not need boxing away, but smaller items can easily get lost or create a mess on the shelves if left loose. Neatly storing these away in boxes will make your stockroom feel a lot more organised. Plus you’ll be able to keep a better track of your inventory.

3. Learn to love labels

Sometimes the simplest tricks are the most effective. In this case, we’re talking about storage labels. A must-have for any organised stockroom, they mean you can quickly and easily find products, saving you lots of wasted time!

storage labels

One of the best stockroom storage ideas is to label every individual storage box, so you can quickly identify what’s inside. Then label your shelving units themselves to help categorise your boxes. Next time you’re looking for a particular product, you can then quickly scan the shelves for its assigned location and find the box it’s in.

4. Create a storage system

Creating a storage system on your shelves will also be a time-saver. Having a clear system in place will mean staff can easily find what they’re looking for. Decide how you want to categorise your inventory and use this to order your boxes on your shelves. No more fruitlessly searching for an item lost in the black hole of your stockroom; a storage system helps keep your stock organised and easy to locate!

5. Enable easy access

When organising your shelves, make sure you keep all your most-used items at the front. That way, staff can quickly grab them and get back to the shop floor without leaving customers waiting. It’s also a good idea to keep any lesser-used or out-of-season items higher up on the shelves and out of the way until you need them again.

warehouse shelving organising

Tip: To avoid injury, keep heavy boxes at the bottom of your shelves, and lighter items up top. This removes the danger of the heavy items falling and means that staff members don’t have to struggle to lift bulky and heavy items down.

6. Keep it well lit

It's easy for items to get lost or pushed away out of sight when stockrooms are dark and dingy. Invest in some good lighting, and you’ll notice the difference. Keeping things well lit not only creates a nicer environment for staff members but helps to ensure they can see every item.

warehouse lighting

Follow these top stockroom storage tips, and you’ll be able to transform your stockroom into a neat, tidy and organised space in no time! You’ll find you have more floor space, can keep better track of your inventory, easily unpack deliveries and quickly retrieve items without leaving customers waiting on the shop floor.

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