8 Creative Spring Display Ideas for Retail

By Sam Iontton11/03/2022

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your store’s decor and displays. From your in-store signage to your window display, the new season brings plenty of opportunities to grab the attention of passing customers and encourage sales.

Looking for spring display ideas to update your store this season? These in-store merchandising and spring window display ideas will give you all the inspiration you need.



1. Use natural materials

Spring is very closely associated with nature, so one of the simplest spring display ideas you can opt for is using natural textures and fabrics throughout your store. This could include materials such as cotton, wool and rattan. Wooden crates and boxes are also a great option, as are wicker baskets.



2. Add floral bouquets

Flowers are also synonymous with spring. Adding a few bouquets of fresh or paper flowers in your store will give it an immediately spring-like feel.

If you’re looking for spring window display ideas, you can’t go wrong with a bright and eye-catching floral arrangement. Just make sure you stick to a colour scheme, so it doesn't look too busy.



3. Create a flower wall

Or why not go all out with a flower wall? A flower wall is a great backdrop for displaying your promotional items both in your window and in-store. Done well, a flower wall can be an irresistible background for Instagram photos too, so encourage your customers to tag your store for some bonus free promotion!



4. Display umbrellas

Spring is renowned for its unpredictable weather, so umbrellas are another playful option you can incorporate in a window display and throughout your store. For example, if you have a clothing store with mannequins, place an umbrella in their hands. Or, hang umbrellas upside down from the ceiling to create eye-catching in-store decorations.



5. Opt for Easter themes

If you’re looking for Easter display ideas, your options include bunnies, chicks and eggs. Easter window display ideas are a great opportunity to get creative and give your storefront a fun theme, especially great if your demographic includes younger audiences and families. Pastels are the best colour scheme to opt for here, both in your Easter window display and in-store.



6. Go green

Consider a green colour scheme to update your store for spring. Green is always associated with spring and gives any decor a fresh feel. You can do this with a lick of green paint or with green accents in your decorations and furniture. In colour psychology, green is also known to promote a sense of calm and relaxation in a retail setting.



7. Incorporate plants

To really give your store a spring-like feel, bring the outside in with plenty of plants. If you don’t want to use real plants, artificial plants are a great alternative that you can use again in future displays too. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, use trailing plants and hanging pots from the ceiling.



8. Decorate a chalkboard

Chalkboards are a great way to display a temporary, seasonal message in your store. For example, you can draw a spring-themed picture, a floral illustration or write a promotional message. These look great hung in-store, while A-board chalkboards placed just outside your storefront are a fantastic opportunity to get your seasonal message across to passing customers too.



Strong display tips

  1. To create a harmonised aesthetic, be sure to use the same colour scheme and imagery in-store as you chose for your spring window display.
  2. Use risers, blocks and plinths to ensure your promotional items stand out against your displays.
  3. Keep your target demographic in mind. The colours, themes and imagery you use should all be carefully considered to ensure you’re attracting the right customers to your store.

Any one of these spring display ideas will freshen up your store’s visual merchandising and help encourage foot traffic and subsequent sales this season. Browse our display and merchandising range to find everything you need for your spring displays.