How to Increase In Store Sales During Christmas

By Sam Iontton12/11/2021

As we approach the festive season of 2023, retailers are gearing up for what is traditionally the most lucrative time of the year. With the recent shifts in consumer behaviour and the challenges brought on by the global economic landscape, this Christmas period presents both unique opportunities and challenges for businesses. The high street, rejuvenated after the upheavals of the past few years, is set to be bustling with shoppers eager to find the perfect gifts and take advantage of the season's offerings. In this dynamic environment, retailers must adapt and innovate to capture the attention of customers. This blog will delve into effective strategies for those looking to increase sales during Christmas. From leveraging the latest retail trends to creating a festive and welcoming shopping experience, we'll provide you with insightful tips on how to increase Christmas sales and make the most of this critical period in your store.


5 failsafe ways of increasing Christmas sales

1. Create enticing window displays

If you're wondering how to increase sales during Christmas, you’ll need to maximise your footfall. One of the best ways you can attract customers is by creating eye-catching window displays. At Christmas, go all out! A showstopping seasonal display will bring in the crowds and get you noticed on the high street. This is your opportunity to stand out from your competitors and entice new customers over to your store. Some of the best window display tips include:

  • Using bright and bold colours
  • Storytelling
  • Utilising plenty of lighting
  • Determining focal point

But remember, it’s one thing to draw shoppers over, but the ultimate goal should be to entice them into your store. Make sure your doors are open, and the inside of your store feels warm and welcoming. To enhance this effect, consider incorporating elements of your window display into the interior design, creating a seamless and immersive experience for customers. Additionally, engaging staff interactions and attractive in-store promotions can effectively complement your window display, turning curious onlookers into loyal customers.


2. Optimise store layout and displays

Once you’ve got your customers inside, it’s crucial to think about your store layout and where you place your products. There are a few visual merchandising techniques you can use to ensure your customers interact with the items you want them to.

One way is to create a store layout that guides your customers through your store, so you can strategically place items in key locations. Don’t forget the ‘invariable right’ theory – most customers turn right after entering a store, so guide them anti-clockwise and place products on the right as they enter.

Other tips to maximise product sales include:

  • Keep your high-priced items at eye level on the shelves.
  • Use tall risers, blocks or plinths to draw the eye to certain products on display.
  • Keep the aisles clear and uncrowded.
  • Display core products 10-15 feet from the store entrance – after what’s known as the ‘decompression zone.
  • Use mannequinsdisplay cabinets, and clothes rails to showcase your products

These subtle techniques will help ensure your customers come into contact with your star products and increase sales on these items.

3. Have a seasonal sale

Christmas shoppers are looking for bargains. To compete with the rest of the high street, you’ll need to offer customers incentives to shop with you. One of the best ways of increasing Christmas sales is to offer seasonal discounts for a limited time period. Discounts will motivate customers to buy, helping you quickly increase sales and attract new customers. Remember, shoppers will compare the price difference between stores, so make your discount worthwhile!

If you can’t offer a blanket sale across all items, consider buy-one-get-one-free deals on certain popular items and offer special deals for loyalty cardholders too. Customers must be aware of any promotion with one simple but effective method being to acquire custom printed posters and have them up in your store. Bannersflags, or flyers might also be suitable depending on your business.


4. Create gift bundles

Another way to increase sales at Christmas is to create gift bundles. Christmas shoppers are looking for the perfect presents for their friends and family, and this creates a fantastic upselling opportunity. While customers may only buy one product from you usually, bundling items together in a Christmas gift set encourages them to spend more per transaction. To maximise this strategy for increasing Christmas sales, carefully curate bundles that combine popular items with complementary products, enhancing their perceived value. Additionally, offering a range of bundle options at different price points can cater to a wider customer base, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Creative packaging and festive wrapping can also add to the appeal, making these bundles not only convenient but also visually enticing, perfect for gifting.


5. Spread the word

Though your window display will entice shoppers on the high street, get the word out about your sale through digital means too. Email marketing is a fantastic way to tell your customers about your Christmas offering and incentivise them to come in-store. Remember, shoppers will be inundated with promotional messages, so to add a personal touch to yours, be sure to include each customer’s name at the top of each email.

To further enhance your digital outreach, consider leveraging social media platforms by creating engaging posts and stories that highlight your Christmas products, special offers, and the unique experience your store offers. Utilising targeted online advertising can also help you reach a broader audience who may be interested in your Christmas sales. Additionally, collaborating with local influencers or bloggers to promote your store can be an effective strategy, as it taps into their followers who might be looking for ways of increasing Christmas sales.


Follow these tips on how to increase sales during Christmas, and you’re sure to see your revenue rise. By incentivising customers with seasonal sales and offers and attracting them with your window displays and visual merchandising, you can maximise your in-store sales this year.