What is POP Marketing?

By Sam Iontton19/12/2022


POP marketing can be a very useful sales tactic in retail, but what is it, and how do you do it successfully? At Displaysense, we’re here to provide examples and show how it can help boost your sales and make your customers happy. Keep reading to discover the benefits of POP marketing and the useful resources available to help you deliver a seamless in-store experience for your customers.



What is POP marketing?

There are many acronyms in the marketing and retail space, and it can be difficult to understand them all. POP marketing is point of purchasing marketing, and the name is fit for its acronym and style. POP (Point of Purchasing) marketing refers to sales messaging or promotions in the form of signs, displays and billboards that encourage a customer to purchase products or services.

Why should I use POP marketing?

Have you ever walked into a store intending to purchase one item and come out with a whole bag full of goods? This is POP marketing in full force.

POP marketing has many benefits, and its main intention in retail is to entice impulse buys from customers. By persuading customers to purchase with a promotion, you can boost sales and increase single-purchase customers to multi-purchase.

POP marketing is easy and effective to implement in your store. It comes in many forms; you can opt for in-your-face signs around the store or more subtle POP marketing with dump bins and stacking baskets by the checkout.



POP marketing examples

To introduce POP marketing into your retail store, you must consider what you want to achieve from using it and how to introduce it. Here are some examples of POP marketing techniques and how you can use them:


If you own a fashion retail store, you will know the importance of displaying mannequins. They give customers an idea of what your clothes will look like on a human and allow you to cross-sell by pairing items together. Giving your customers a visual representation of your products and how they will look in the real world is important and can be a very useful POP marketing strategy. Make sure to place them effectively around your store for maximum impact, and if you want to know more about mannequins and how to find the right one for your store, read out mannequin buying guide.

Counter Displays

This useful POP marketing tactic relies on customers' impulse buying habits at the checkout. You can showcase products and promotional items at the checkout that customers can seamlessly add to their orders. By placing them at the checkout, you reduce the time customers have to weigh up their purchase, and they are more likely to act on impulse. When adding a counter display to your checkout, make sure you store your additional stock behind the counter to ensure the product is on hand; otherwise, the customer could change their mind.

Dump bins and stacking baskets

Like counter displays, dump bins allow you to display low-ticket items near the checkout for customers to pick up as they purchase. Typically, the items in dump bins are priced low or on promotion to entice customers into adding to their orders. Try placing universal, low-ticket items in the bins to increase your sales and the convenient part about POP marketing with dump bins is that you can switch the items up frequently. You can also include a range of items within the dump bin so that customers can look for themselves and feel like they are receiving a good offer.


Signs can be an effective way to deliver messages to customers about promotions. You can display these however you like around your store to encourage purchasing from certain lines or to inform customers of any discounts you may be promoting. There are several ways to display these messages around your store through signage; explore free-standing options, wall-mounted signs and more.

Display Boxes

You can easily showcase items in a decorative display with boxes, trays, and cubes. Get creative with your display boxes and pair items together, or opt for a wide variety of products. Display boxes can be stacked on top of one another or placed around your retail store singularly. Alternatively, you can use clear trays to display loose items that customers can reach.

Gridwall mesh displays

If you’re looking for ways to show off clothing, use a gridwall mesh display and hang your finest pieces from your collection. This offers a fresh way to display clothing if you don’t have the space to display clothing on mannequins. Fully customisable, you can change the display depending on what you want to promote and even pair accessories with your chosen products.



Advantages of POP marketing

There are many reasons why using POP marketing can benefit your business; these include the following:

  • POP Marketing techniques typically have a high ROI (return on investment)
  • Displays can be changed depending on the promotion and focus you want to target
  • Encourage impulse buying
  • Catches the customer's attention
  • You can merchandise effectively
  • Educates customers
  • Allows customers to interact with your products

POP marketing displays at Displaysense

If you want to utilise POP marketing in your retail store, we can help you at Displaysense. We have a range of display and merchandising equipment for you to add to your store and reap the benefits of POP marketing. You will find mannequins, dump baskets, signs and more that you can use within your store to deliver messages and showcase your products to customers.