Where to Put Up Posters for Maximum Impact

By Sam Iontton18/01/2022

Creating an eye-catching poster is only half the job – the other half is knowing where to put posters up to ensure they have the most impact. Looking for the best places to put up your posters? Whether it’s an event or promotional material, we have some great options to try.


Coffee Shops, Bars & Restaurants

One of the best places to put up posters is in a public setting such as a coffee shop, bar, pub or restaurant. Place them on a noticeboard or a wall by the bar or in table signholders if permitted by the venue. Another good spot is the bathroom stalls where they can be quickly inserted into snap frames.

The great thing about these locations is that you can pick the places your target demographic will frequent the most. Aiming for a young crowd? Pick the local student haunts. If you’re targeting professional businesspeople, opt for an appropriately up-market hotel restaurant.


Local Shops

A similar option is to place your posters in local stores. Shop owners may even let you put them in their shop window or near the till. Some stores also have noticeboards for placing posters too.

Again, as part of your marketing strategy, think carefully about the types of neighbourhood areas and the venues your client profile would most likely be found in. Would they be found in an alternative clothing store or an artisan bakery? The stores you choose matter – plus store managers are much more likely to agree to advertise something relevant to their customers.



Another great location is at events similar to yours. Whether it’s a trade show or a concert, hanging your posters in event spaces is a great way to maximise your reach and ensure your poster will be seen by people with related interests. You can also hand out posters in person outside these events for potential attendees to take away.

Depending on the type of event, one step further would be to think about which hotels in the area your target demographic will stay in and ask to place your posters here too.


Bus and tram stops

If your budget allows for it, consider creating a poster campaign for bus stops and tram shelters. These areas always have heavy footfall and are guaranteed to be seen by a broad range of demographics. However, don’t be tempted to do it unofficially; while it’s common to see posters plastered on street walls, bus stops and lampposts in public spaces, fly-posting without permission is a criminal offence, and you may run the risk of fines and prosecution.

Waiting areas

Waiting room areas are boring places, and for that reason, people’s eyes tend to wander around the room, seeking out something to read to pass the time. Utilise this to your advantage and place some posters in areas such as GP waiting rooms, opticians and salons. These venues often have a noticeboard, or you can enquire about putting them up on the walls to ensure maximum attention.


Your own premises

And finally, have you made use of your own premises? As well as looking at local stores and cafes, if you have a store or business front, utilise it to promote your posters. This includes putting them up in your windows, on your walls and printing some out to give clients or customers when they leave. Another great option that will grab the attention of passers-by is a simple yet effective A-board outside.

Now you know where to put up posters for maximum impact, you can ensure your posters are seen by as many of your target demographic and the general public as possible. If you’re looking for poster holders, here at Displaysense, you can find a wide range of pavement signs, snap frames, wall-mounted signholders and more great options to promote your posters across these locations.