Leaflet and Brochure Holder Buying Guide

By Sam Iontton02/05/2023


Leaflet and brochure holders come in many different styles, sizes, colours and materials but they all serve the same purpose; to keep your literature materials organised, in view and within easy reach.

When you are sitting in a waiting room, sometimes you start to look around for things to read. Quite often there are magazines or literature to peruse at your leisure but when they are strewn all over, it can be quite off putting. Magazine holders offer visitors something to read to pass the time and can improve a customer’s overall experience.

Sometimes customers require more information or you may want to raise awareness of a new product or service. Leaflets are a great way to service those needs but you will need to make sure that the materials are easy to find. You want them to have pride of place and looking smart, this is where a leaflet holder can help you. Counter top versions can be placed on any flat surface but if you are short of space, a wall mounted holder can provide the room you need to showcase your literature.

Offices are quite often paper heavy spaces and keeping everything organised and easy to locate can become challenging but literature holders will help to categorise the documents and keep everything in order which will make the working environment much more efficient and tidy.

They can even be used in the home for sorting post, organising paperwork or keeping magazine and newspaper collections tidy. They are ideal for home offices where organisation and efficiency is key, keeping working areas clear and decluttering surfaces.

To help you make the best buying decision, we will break down the different brochure holder types and what considerations to keep in mind when purchasing.

Counter Top Leaflet and Brochure Holders

Whether placed by the entrance or on a till desk, a countertop leaflet holder can provide useful information and raise awareness for your business. They come in different colours but are usually always acrylic. Acrylic is hard wearing and incredibly lightweight, meaning it can be moved and repositioned with ease. Clear acrylic is the most popular as the whole literature can be seen without needing to be removed, making it easy for customers or staff to find what they need.

Wall Mounted Leaflet and Brochure Holders

The bigger the literature, the larger the holder and sometimes you just don’t have enough counter or floor space. This is where a wall mounted brochure holder can be utilised. You can declutter the area and make the most of unused wall space. These come in a wider variety of materials; wire, acrylic and wood are all popular choices.

Outdoor Leaflet and Brochure Holders

Most business are not open 24/7 and sometimes customers will be looking for information outside of your opening hours. An outdoor leaflet and brochure holder can help you provide important information when you are not able to be there. Sales and awareness can also be generated from passers-by who may not have been aware of the business prior to picking up a leaflet from the holder.

Floor Standing Leaflet and Brochure Holders

If you have a large amount of literature to display, sometimes a floor standing holder is the best solution. Perfect for exhibitions, hotels and hospitality venues, they come in varying sizes and shapes. Some can even be folded away once they have served their purpose, ideal for those who travel to conferences or tradeshows. A carousel function allows users to turn the holder so they can find what they need with minimal hassle to the customer.

Buying Considerations

  • Literature size – Paper comes in a huge range of sizes, from small business cards to large movie posters. Whilst leaflet and brochure holders don’t have quite the same range, they have a wide variety of sizes. The most popular sizes are DL, A5 and A4.
  • Literature visibility – Depending on the type of materials you are going to be displaying, the amount visible at an initial glance may be important. Tiered holders do not always show the whole literature, any piece behind the initial pocket will be partially blocked. However, these are more compact. If you wish to show 100% of the leaflet, the holder will most likely be larger. The colouring of the holder will have an impact on how much will be visible. White and black acrylic looks very smart but they are not opaque, therefore, anything it sits over will not be visible. For this reason, clear acrylic is the most popular choice.
  • Pocket Depth – The thickness of the pocket material will affect how many items can be placed into a pocket. The deeper the pocket, the more that can be placed inside. It is always best to bear that in mind as this will have an impact on how much can be displayed as a whole.
  • Convertibility – Not all literature will be the same size and as such, your size requirements may change. If this may be the case for you, a brochure holder that can be adapted could be the answer. A4 pockets can sometimes be split to create space for two DL leaflets.
  • Material – As you can tell, a large portion of the products on the market are constructed from acrylic. However, wooden and wire mesh items are also available. Wooden items provide a more rustic feel and fit well in coffee shops and boutiques whilst wire mesh items are popular for home organisation and in modern office buildings. The materials will affect the weight of the item; wooden items will be heavier than their acrylic and wire counterparts and if it is a wall mounted leaflet dispenser, this needs to be taken into consideration.
  • Location – For retail businesses, location is an important detail. Any literature should be placed where footfall is the highest. For many stores, this will be at the entrance and exit or around the tills. This location will then inform your decision as to the type of holder you choose as it may be you don’t want to clutter your customer service location or cause a hazard to those entering or exiting the premises. In the home or an office building, the location will be less vital but it will still affect whether you choose to purchase a wall mounted or freestanding literature holder.
  • Weight – It is most likely that any freestanding literature holders will need to be moved at some point and a heavy item can make that more difficult. A large proportion of these products will be lightweight due to their materials but if you have chosen a larger or wooden item, it is always best to check the specification. Floor standing carousels may be heavier but often come with wheels to aid in its movement. It is unlikely a wall mounted item will be moved but the weight may be of importance when it comes to its hanging location.


There are so many different sized leaflet types, I don’t know which size to purchase?

It can be difficult to know what to buy as you don’t always know what size your literature is going to be. For this reason, there are items that can be customised to suit different sized items. For example, our 18 Pocket DL & A4 Leaflet Holder can be adjusted to fit either A4 materials or DL, the pocket is simply split using a divider. There are also items that feature different sized pockets within the same holder so if you are concerned that the leaflet or brochures you wish to display may change size, this would be a good compromise.

How much will each pocket hold?

There should be a dimension for pocket depth within the specifications of the item. Using this and the thickness of your literature, you will be able to gauge how much can be held.

How strong are acrylic leaflet and brochure holders?

The strength of an item will depend on the thickness of the acrylic. Acrylic is a very strong and durable material but items made with a thinner acrylic are more likely to get damaged and show wear and tear.

How do I know where is best to buy leaflet holders?

There are many products on the market but the best way to tell where to purchase, is to look at the quality of the goods. If you are purchasing an acrylic holder, always look for ones with a thicker construction as these will be stronger and able to handle everyday use. Always make sure wire items are made from steel wire to prevent any bending or warping once the materials are inside. Wooden items are more difficult as your budget and weight limitations will affect your purchase decision.