12 Ideas For Displaying Medals

By Liam Sumner01/09/2023

Medals represent achievements, accomplishments, and hard work. Whether you earned your medals through athletic events, academic competitions, or various other areas, they are a tangible reminder of your dedication and perseverance. Displaying your medals can be a great way to celebrate your success, showcase your good work, and inspire others. However, finding the right way to display your medals can be a challenge. In this blog, we will explore 12 creative ideas for displaying your medals that can help you honour your accomplishments in a unique and meaningful way.


1. Display in a Jar

If you don’t fancy hanging your medals, a glass jar is a wonderful and unique way of displaying them. The first step would be finding a glass container that will fit all your medals inside in a style that suits you. To make the most out of this technique, face at least your favourite medals outwards so they are clearly on show. This looks perfect when placed on your mantlepiece or side table bringing excellent style to your space whilst showing off your accomplishments.


2. Metal Rod

Attaching a metal rod to your wall allows you to showcase your medals clearly and stylishly. You can choose a rod length that fits all your medals to your preference, creating a wonderful display that makes it easy to see every item. You can sort your medals by colour, type of achievement or date for a stunning and organised display. If you end up earning more medals so that your rod looks untidy, you can simply install another rod above, below or beside it.


3. Medal Tree

This is one you can have up all year round or just during Christmas time and looks stunning. Elect a tree with strong branches that can both hold and fit all of your medals ensuring they all get enough space and don’t look too cramped. A Christmas tree would work well but if you haven’t got the room or don’t fancy it up all year then a metal display tree would be an excellent alternative.


4. Display Cabinet

For a truly sophisticated way of showcasing your medals, choosing a display cabinet will enhance your home's aesthetic and present your accolades in exquisite style. This is particularly ideal if you have trophies or other items related to your medals that you want to show off together. Floor-standing is available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your needs and bring a touch of professionalism and elegance to your home, showing that you truly cherish your achievements. If you’re short on space or don’t have an abundance of medals to show off, then a wall-mounted cabinet would also work brilliantly.


5. Medal Hanger

Some might say uninventive, and others will say it is what it’s made for. Either way, a medal hanger is designed specifically for holding and displaying medals. These will often be made from sturdy metal, mounted on a wall, and have a specific theme to them. That’s the great thing about this solution; if it’s running, you’re into, there are plenty of designs available to fit that style and if you can’t find the perfect one for you, there are places that allow you to personalise your medal hanger.


6. Helpful Hooks

Hooks are pretty ideal for holding your medals and will look beautiful on your wall. You can choose to give each medal its own separate hook or pile them on top of each other which will look especially fabulous if you make the ribbon different lengths. A row of hooks can be as long or short as you want it to be with personalised options available. This can be a fun DIY project that won’t take too long and will be completely suited to you.


7. Medal Mannequin

Whilst you don’t want to be wearing your medals all the time, a mannequin might be the next best option. Allowing your medals to gracefully hang around the neck of your mannequin will give it the same appearance as if you had them on. You will need to consider how many medals you’ll be placing on it, the combined weight of them, and how much the mannequin can hold to make this idea work. If you want to personalise it further, you can dress the mannequin in an outfit you like or the uniform you were wearing when you received the achievements.


8. Magnetise

An incredibly cool and unique way of showcasing your medals, this method requires a little bit of sacrifice. The first step is to get rid of the ribbons so that you only have the medal part left. You then need to attach a magnet to the back of the medal and place it onto your fridge or other magnetic area. Before doing this, you need to be 100% sure this is the route to go down as returning it to its previous stage could prove difficult.


9. Equipment

 This is one for those sporting fanatics. A golf club, tennis racket, or even a hockey stick can all give you a beautiful and unique way of displaying your medals. To give you a real personal touch, you need a piece of sporting equipment that you no longer use and attach it to your wall. Using wall hooks will allow you to add more on with ease as well as remove and put it back on whenever you want. If you feel like going a step further then you can drill small holes in your hockey stick, cricket bat, or other similar item, insert hooks, and place the medals on them.


10. Picture Frame

A perfect and adorable solution for housing your medals if you only have a few to show off. There are numerous options that allow you to present your medals in a frame suited to how many you have and even a slot for a photo. This is an excellent idea for displaying war medals, ensuring they remain in pristine condition and look beautiful on your mantlepiece.


11. Box

If you really treasure your medals, opting for a box to put them in is a magnificent idea. You can choose to have a glass top so you can see the medals easily or opaque showing them off a bit more special. You can completely personalise your box to suit your style, with adding a section for photos and other memorabilia related to your achievements is a wonderfully personal touch. You can choose to add a padlock to keep your items secure or leave the box open depending on what you prefer.


12. Corkboard

Picking up some pins and placing them on your corkboard will allow you to display your medals to your preference. Whether you have an abundance or just a few, you can showcase your medals in whatever style you like with adding photos to your board exceptionally easy. This will look wonderful, giving you a space dedicated to your achievements that can be constantly added to.



Each of these options has its own charm and can be adapted to add a personal touch to your display. Whatever method you choose, it is important to showcase your medals in a way that honours your achievements and inspires you to strive for more. Personalising your displays by choosing a theme, dressing up the mannequin, or arranging the medals in a specific order, can make the display even more meaningful. Hopefully, these ideas can spark some inspiration for how you want to display your medals, allowing you to treasure your positive memories forever.


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