2021 Interior Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

By Sam Iontton13/04/2021

By Sam Iontton -13/04/2021

Over the past 12 months, we’ve spent more time in the comfort of our own homes than ever before. For many of us, we can often rely on those four walls to keep us calm and safe. So, it comes as no surprise that we’ve become more invested in transforming our spaces into our dream homes.

2020 was undoubtedly the year we all picked up the paintbrushes and tested out our DIY skills. To understand the appetite for interior design and decorating, you need only look to Google. ‘Bedroom décor ideas’ has had an average of 22,100 UK searches per month over the past year, which is an increase of 450% compared to 2019.

But it isn’t all about aesthetics. We might aspire to live in beautiful homes, but we’re no longer willing to compromise on comfort. Largely due to the amount of time we’re spending at home, interior design has practical everyday living at the forefront. There’s a focus on creating calming and mood-lifting spaces to live, work and enjoy.

For those of you who’ve caught the interior design bug, we’ve explored the most popular trends that continue to grow into 2021. Along-side some of the newest emerging trends we’re likely to see more of throughout this year.



Warmth and Texture.

One of the key ways to create a cosy, comfy home is through the use of textures and materials. In 2021, interiors are soft and tactile, giving a feeling of warmth and luxury. Without the benefit of holidays and boutique hotels, we’re transforming our homes into tranquil spaces to escape and unwind instead.

Some of the UK’s favourite fabrics to add a layer of luxe are:

  • Sheepskin – suitable in virtually any room, most popular is the ‘sheepskin chair’ (searches up 150%) and ‘sheepskin throw’ (searches up 140%). And this trend is continuing to rise.
  • Bouclé – this textured wool is popping up everywhere at the moment, with online searches for a ‘bouclé cushion’ up 450% and searches for a statement ‘bouclé chair’ up 300%. This trend is showing no sign of disappearing anytime soon, either.

warmth and texture

Warmth and texture aren’t confined to furnishings and accessories. There’s a massive interest in wood wall panelling, particularly in bedrooms and living rooms. In January, there were 5,400 searches for ‘bedroom wall panelling’ alone. And online searches for ‘how to do wall panelling’ are up 200%, showing an interest in DIY wall panels.

A great alternative to flat walls, wood wall panelling, adds an element of drama. Its popularity is also likely due to homeowners adding a more traditional look to modern homes. Our research has shown that shaker wall panels are a current favourite style, painted in rich or neutral tones.


Bring the Outside In.

In addition to textures, a more natural colour palette is trending this year. Earthy tones, including sage green, sand and taupe, are being used to help connect us to the outdoors and bring the outside in. It’s easy to see why these calming tones are popular.

And it doesn’t stop at paint colours. Natural materials like rattan and wicker have seen a resurgence over the past year. ‘Rattan storage boxes’ have seen an 80% increase in searches online, while ‘wicker lampshade’ has increased to 8,100 UK searches per month.

Bring the Outside In

Top tip: Look out for wicker style storage boxes made from twisted cord paper to get the look for a more affordable price.

Another on-trend product is pampas grass, with UK searches for ‘pampas grass décor’ up by 236% since this time last year. There were 12,100 searches in January for this term alone. Pampas grass is a great way to update your décor, requiring very little investment.


Functional and Practical Design.

As families spend more time together at home, our houses are becoming multi-purpose. It’s no longer practical to have separate rooms for each activity, particularly for families with small children and parents working from home. This need for home office space and playrooms/study rooms has created a trend for more functional, practical design. This shift in our priorities is likely to stay long after life returns to normality.

To create a calming space, we’re looking for ways we can use our homes without causing clutter. Some popular and innovative storage ideas include:

  • Ottoman style furniture to tidy away clutter
  • Hidden shelving and drawers, such as under stairs and in pantries
  • Making use of all vertical space with shelving – ‘wall shelving’ searches are up 50% this year to 49,500 UK searches per month
  • Using bookcases as room dividers
  • Display cabinets to display our treasured possessions – the ‘modern display cabinet’ has seen a resurgence, with a 350% increase in searches compared to this time last year


Functional and Practical Design

Moving on from last year’s popular home office renovations, we’re also now updating areas of the home that we’ve typically neglected. Every space is now important, even our tiny utility rooms and cluttered hallways. Bespoke, built-in storage is trending, alongside cheap and cheerful ways to de-clutter. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, even coat hooks which have seen a massive 421% increase in UK searches compared to this time last year.


The Scandi Way of Life.

Scandi interior design is here to stay, with ‘Scandi décor’ searches up 130% compared to last year. This minimalist style has become a design classic, and it’s easy to see why. Homes filled with light wood, neutral furnishings and industrial accessories give a sense of calmness, helping us to de-stress.

scandi inspired furniture and storage

We may have a certain Swedish furniture company to thank for our love of Scandi. But there are many more creative ways to channel the interior design trend. Scandi décor lends itself well to mixing old with new, which is great for the environment and our bank accounts.

Top tip: Update existing furniture and shelving with rustic pieces, like an industrial clothing rack or leaning shelf ladder.


Be Bold with Colour.

If neutral décor and earthy tones aren’t your cup of tea, bold is big for 2021. And no colour palette is off-limits. How you interpret colour into your interiors is entirely up to you, as it seems anything goes. However, in 2021 it may be time to say goodbye to the beloved accent wall. As an update on the trend, we’re starting to see more colour throughout a room, from walls to furniture and accessories. Perhaps as we’ve spent more time at home without house guests, we’re becoming braver with colour?

Here are some of the UK’s favourite paint colours (excluding our continual obsession with grey interior design!):


  • Green– 12,100 monthly searches for ‘green paint’ and 6,600 monthly searches for ‘dark green paint’
  • Teal– 8,100 monthly searches for ‘teal paint’
  • Blush pink– 6,600 monthly searches for ‘blush pink paint’
  • Navy– 5,400 monthly searches for ‘navy blue paint’
  • Yellow– 5,400 monthly searches for ‘yellow paint’

vibrant interior walls


Top tip: To incorporate 2021 interior design colour trends, use different tones of the same shade to add depth. Or choose opposite shades, like blue with yellow and teal with orange, for a bolder look.


All up to date data obtained from Google Trends UK (Feb 2021).

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