5 Space-Saving Ways to Store Shoes

By Sam Iontton16/09/2021
5 Space-Saving Ways to Store Shoes

By Sam Iontton -16/09/2021

Shoes are one of the main culprits of clutter. No matter how many times you try to neaten them up, they somehow end up strewn on the hallway floor or disorganised at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Sound familiar? Whether it’s the kids’ shoes or you have a personal collection to rival Carrie Bradshaw, if you’re in need of some clever shoe storage ideas, check out these tips on how to store shoes in a small space.


How to store shoes in a small room

1. Over-door storage hangers

If you’re short on floor space, make use of the back of your door. Over-door shoe storage hangers are so useful for storing all kinds of footwear, and can house your accessories too. This simple hack will save you lots of room and will help to keep your shoes organised as well.

You can opt for a classic metal shoe rack or an organiser with pockets big enough to neatly fit your shoes inside. In a family home, put one on the back of every bedroom door to keep mess around the house to a minimum.

over the door storage hangers

2. Under-bed storage

Or, utilise every square inch of your room by storing your shoes under your bed. Under-bed drawers or boxes are great for preventing shoes from cluttering up the floor. This is a particularly good option for those barely-worn shoes you’re saving for a special occasion or summer sandals you dig out for a holiday. Storing these out of the way under the bed will save the space in your home for the everyday shoes you wear the most.

under bed storage organisers

3. Stackable clear boxes

If you have space in your wardrobe or cupboard, store your surplus shoes in clear plastic boxes. You can fit multiple pairs in one medium-sized box to maximise efficiency. Stack them on top of each other, or slide them onto an available shelf out of the way until you need them. Clear boxes are an especially clever shoe storage idea, as you can easily see what’s inside each one and grab the pair you’re looking for without searching through them all.


clear stackable shoe storage boxes

4. A shoe cabinet

Or why not get a designated shoe cabinet? Withdraws inside to organise all your shoes, you can simply pick out the pair you need when you’re leaving the house and close the drawer to keep it looking neat and tidy. With their slimline design, they’re ideal for narrow hallways or small bedrooms and won’t take up a lot of floor space. As an added bonus, you can use the extra bit of surface space on top for your keys or post.

5. Multi-tier shoe racks

Shoe racks are an obvious choice when thinking about how to store shoes in a small space. However, it’s important to think ‘up’ instead of ‘out’ if you opt for one. The goal in any small home should be to make the most of your vertical space. With a multi-tiered shoe rack, you can fit in many more pairs of shoes without taking up any extra room on the floor. At Displaysense, we have a number of shoe racks to suit your home decor and the size of your shoe collection!


Metal 3 Tier Stackable Shoe Rack


For more clever shoe storage ideas, check out all our shoe storage options, and discover more efficient, space-saving solutions with our full clothes storage range. From laundry trolleys to storage boxes, you can find all you need to keep your home organised and clutter-free.