Animal Themed Bedroom Ideas For Your Little One

By Liam Sumner08/09/2023

If you're looking for creative and fun ideas to decorate your child's bedroom, then you're in the right place. Animals are a popular theme for children's bedrooms as they are cute, and colourful, and can help spark your child's imagination. Whether your child loves jungle animals, farm animals, or sea creatures, there are plenty of animal-themed décor options to choose from. How you implement this is down to you and your kid’s preference with this blog hopefully providing inspiration and sparking creativity.


Pick a Theme

The first step is to either figure out what your kid likes when it comes to animals or if they’re too young then pick yourself. This is an important decision as it determines the route you go down when decorating and it will likely stay the same for many years to come. You could just pick their favourite animal and zone in on that, but we think having a variety can bring the room to life. You could even combine different themes and locate them in different areas of your room if you have the space and can’t decide on one.


A popular choice amongst kids’ bedrooms, giving their space jungle fever is sure to get them in an upbeat, creative mood. Think lions, elephants, parrots, and giraffes, all of which are bright or big animals that will stand out and bring vibrancy to your child’s room. To make your little one feel like a real explorer, consider getting them an outfit and potentially a miniature safari truck.


Often the first animals we introduce to our children, farm animals look gorgeous and fun in a kid’s bedroom. From sheep and cows to pigs and chickens, picking your kid's favourite farmyard friends shouldn’t be too difficult. This will give them a sense of excitement for the outdoors and get them excited to see the animals in real life. Unlike the other options, farm animals are the only type you’re likely to see in nature and run into in real life, so getting them to learn and understand these animals is wise.


If your child is crazy about dinosaurs, then this is an excellent choice of theme to go for. There are so many different types of interesting dinosaurs that you can include in unique and creative ways. Whether it’s the classic T-rex, a pterodactyl pendant, or a friendly-looking brachiosaurus, the choice is up to you.


You can dive into this idea with there being an abundance of fun and cool-looking sea creatures to pick from. Dolphins are a friendly and popular choice but feel free to add octopi, starfish, and even the cast of Nemo if you want. There are many creative ways to nail this idea such as transforming the bed into a boat and wall into a sea. This blue used in this theme will give your kid's bedroom a light and fun feel that they’ll love to play in.

Cute & Cuddly

The most important thing to do when decorating your kid’s bedroom is to make it fun and playful with plenty of adorable animals. This is a good idea if your child is too young to have a preference or they have a favourite animal such as a penguin or panda but don’t want a specific theme. You can include clouds, trees and other elements of nature to give the room added interest, but you should aim to make it an endearing space.


Off The Wall

Decorating the wall of your children’s bedroom is a great place to start due to it taking up such a large area and setting the scene for the room. Selecting a wallpaper is where you can be creative and show off the theme. Whether it’s a tropical jungle, forest, or ocean, you can transport the room into a magical place with a certain wallpaper.


Magnificent Mural

You can elevate your child's room with captivating animal-themed murals. From majestic jungles to enchanting underwater worlds, these hand-painted artworks add a touch of wonder to their space. Spark creativity and a love for nature as your little one explores the stories within the murals. Transform their room into a safari adventure or an ocean expedition – where imagination knows no bounds. Discover the perfect animal-themed mural to create an inspiring haven for your child's dreams.



A less permanent option in comparison to a mural, having animal bedding is an excellent way of including some friends for your kids to settle down with. From playful safari adventures to under-the-sea dreams, our bedding sets feature adorable creatures that ignite your little one's imagination. Crafted with soft, high-quality materials, each piece ensures cosy comfort for a restful sleep. Watch your child's face light up as they cuddle up with their favourite animal friends. Elevate bedtime into an enchanting journey with our delightful animal-themed bedding.


Animalistic Artwork

Elevate your child's room with captivating animalistic artwork. From whimsical garlands to adorable, framed prints, infuse the wild wonders of nature into their space.  Ignite their imagination and create an immersive animal kingdom that sparks joy and curiosity.  Let their dreams roam alongside the creatures of the savannah, forest, and beyond. Discover how animal-themed art can transform their bedroom into a vibrant oasis of adventure and creativity.


Terrific Toys

Well, it wouldn’t be a kid's bedroom without an excess of toys scattered around the room. From cuddly plush companions to educational wildlife décor, discover the perfect toys to create a captivating and nurturing space for your little explorer. You can also include more refined toys that sit on the mantlepiece, out of the child's reach as more of a decorative touch.



Infuse your child's bedroom with the wonder of the animal kingdom through creative furniture choices. Imagine a safari-inspired bed frame, complete with adorable animal carvings, or a playful frog-shaped chair that sparks their imagination. Opt for a panda-shaped bookshelf to make reading a delightful adventure. Animal-themed furniture not only adds a touch of whimsy but also cultivates a love for nature. Surround your little ones with their favourite creatures and watch their room transform into a captivating animal sanctuary.



Having items in your children's bedroom that have personalised features is a fantastic way of creating an attachment between them and certain items. Whether it’s a cuddly bear with their name on its chest, toy chests with everything they love on it, or a giraffe growth chart that monitors their height as they develop. These thoughtfully crafted elements not only transform the space but also nurture your little one's imagination and love for animals, making their bedroom a magical retreat.



In the enchanting realm of children's bedrooms, animal-themed décor sparks a symphony of creativity and wonder. Whether it's a jungle adventure, a farmyard frolic, a prehistoric escapade, or an aquatic odyssey, the possibilities are as varied as your child's imagination. Embrace a menagerie of cute and cuddly companions, each contributing to a playful atmosphere that fosters joy and curiosity. From captivating murals that transport them to new realms, to soft bedding adorned with beloved creatures, every element crafts a haven of dreams. Let personalised touches weave an emotional bond, turning their space into a sanctuary where imagination and adoration for animals flourish.